January 18, 2021

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Worthy Tools That Can Automate Your Content Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, all companies are defined by their unique stories. A person can purchase your product or service but why would they prefer yours to another? Only creating billboard advertisements and radio spots aren’t sufficient to create an impact in today’s competitive market. In order to create a niche in the marketplace which is entirely consumer-centric, you need to craft a story about your business with high quality content, drive home the unique value of your company and inform your potential customers why your product is better than that of others.

content marketing strategy

Without the right content marketing tools, your efforts would seem like a battle and getting the job done would become well-nigh impossible. Now it’s high time that you think like a journalist and also as a marketer. Here are some of the most worthy tools that you can leverage to get maximum result from your content marketing efforts.

  • SPUN for iPhone: SPUN is an app for your iPhone and it has a beautiful interface that curates the best from the web and from different websites like YouTube, Tumblrs and other online blogs and magazines.
  • Pulse: This tool has been purchased by LinkedIn not very long ago. This is an app that serves like an RSS feed from different sources and also allows users to curate based on the interests of the choice of the users.
  • Feedly: After the shutting down of Google Reader on the 1st of July, Feedly has turned on to be the best option for RSS and the number of users has grown to 7 million in the recent months. You may add your favorite websites and blogs and start filling up your feed with great content.
  • Quora: This is yet another famous social network and is a platform for questions and answer discussions. You have to identify the trends from the recently asked questions to enhance your content creation efforts.
  • Trapit: This is a content discovery app that customizes the content feed based on the interests and passions and this has been designed for the iPad. From your feedback, this app will learn and will try to offer you better and improvised content every time you used it.

So, if you’re looking for content marketing tips, you can undoubtedly leverage the above mentioned content marketing tools that can give 100% results to your efforts.