March 3, 2021

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Using Color Psychology To Improve Website Conversions

color psychology for website

Prior to delving deeper into the concept of color psychology, it is important to understand what it is in the first place. It is referred to as the science that allows us to know how human behavior is impacted by color. It is another branch of ‘behavioral psychology’.

Studies have revealed that a customer takes approximately 91 seconds to form an opinion about any product, out of which major portion of it is decided upon by the color of the product. So, the color of any product determines to a great extent whether a customer will buy it or not.

    Tips for using colors judiciously

The secret of success for using colors for your website conversion is to use the right color, in the right manner, at the right time, and keeping in mind the right type of audience. You can go through the following tips for better insight-

  • Always keep in mind that women don’t prefer brown, gray, or orange and instead like hues and different shades of green, blue, and purple. The same type of color is not preferred by both genders. This by itself is a major aspect that determines whether or not a particular product will fly out of the shelf. 
  • In case of the male gender, they have their preferences too. It has been observed that ‘traditionally’, men prefer black, green, and blue. 
  • Interestingly, blue is regarded as one of the most “trusted” colors. It denotes loyalty, trust, order, and peace. Also, blue implies calmness and tranquility and a sense of order in everything. In fact, one of the major social media platforms Facebook is ‘blue’.
  • Try to avoid using yellow as it is a sign of warning and is mostly seen in warning signals and traffic signs. 
  • For all products related to the environment, using green is perhaps the best option. It denotes eco-friendly and implies a sense of calmness and anything that is related to nature and the environment. 
  • There are various other colors that are typical of the nature of the product that you are promoting. So, select the colors in accordance.
color conversion matters

    What to consider (Takeaway)

As mentioned above, there are different color schemes for different products and services, however, there is no fixed format that you must use a particular color for your ‘call-to-action’ button and you cannot use any other color for some other action. It absolutely depends on the objective of your website, the type of product you are selling, and the nature of the audience you are catering to. Many companies have settled for the right color by mere trial and error methods and experimenting with various color schemes. 

  • Color aesthetics is not enough, color conversion matters

The choice of colors should in no way be left up to your designer entirely. You must have a say too. It is important to keep in mind the concept of Color aesthetics and color conversion ratios in mind. It is not just about making your website look awesome and great but the ultimate goal is to make your visitors your prospective clients in the long run.  Last but not the least, you must avoid the so-called “color overload”, which can be one of the most pronounced reasons for increasing your bounce rates. Although you might find yourself being very enthusiastic about color schemes that you intend to use for your website, nevertheless, keep it simple, uncluttered, professional, make it look reliable, and an overall image that will make your website look not just great but dependable too!