January 25, 2021

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Upgrading to Android 11

android 11

Android 11 has launched. The newest version is all about serving you to get what’s vital on your phone with easier methods to assist you to handle your discussions, linked devices, privacy, and many more. In respect of the 11th version of Android, here are 11 innovative things that are approaching in Android 11:

Enhanced methods to be in touch with the people in your living

  • People basically controlling between numerous messaging apps to stay linked with other people, they are concerned about. In Android 11, discussions across messaging apps will be forward to a particular space in the notifications area, assembling it simple to handle your discussions in a single spot. You can also prioritize discussions from the important people in your life so you never ignore a vital message. 
messaging apps
  • Bubbles make multitasking on your device a draft. You can now answer to vital conversations without having to change back and out among what you’re doing and your messaging app.
  • Built-in screen recording is added in this update: Now you can capture and share what’s occurring on your device. Record with voice or sound from your microphone, device or both, for this, there no required to download any extra app.
screen recording

Latest methods to manage your linked devices & media

  •  You can now access all your smartphones or devices like tablets in a single place, simply by long-pressing the power button. Manage your connected devices like your smart lock or thermostat (prevent overheating) with a click, so there’s no require to open any other extra apps. 
linked devices
  • Media managers have been redesigned and are much more supportive. You can now speedily switch the gadget your media is running on, so you can take your music with you from your headphones to your speaker without mislaid a beat.
  • Android Auto now runs wirelessly for all phones operation Android 11 as long as you use a compatible vehicle. So you can carry the most excellent of your phone on every drive while missing the cable or wire, get directions with a simple click or tap, speak to send a message, run your beloved media and get assistance from Google Assistant.

More control over your privacy and data

  • One-time permissions will permit you to allowance solo utilize access to your most perceptive permissions like microphone, camera, and location. The next moment the app requests access to the sensors, it should request you for your permission once more.
manages privacy and data
  • If you haven’t utilized an app that you installed on your phone in a while, you may not desire it to maintain accessing your information. Android will now “auto-reset” permissions for your unexploited apps and inform you, therefore. You can constantly settle on to re-grant the app permissions the subsequent time you apply the app.
  • With extra Google Play system update elements, even extra safety and privacy secure can be sent to your device from Google Play, in the similar method your apps update. So you’ll get these fixes as shortly as they’re accessible, without having to stay for an entire OS update.
  • For Android Enterprise customers, Android 11 brings the privacy securities you obtain on a personal individual phone to your company-owned gadget or device. The job profile gives your IT sector tools to handle a gadget or device without examining your private profile data or doings on your device.

Still extra on Pixel

  • If you’re utilizing a Pixel 2 or above you’ll obtain extra features to categorize and supervise your device or phone, for example, app ideas on the home screen stand on your everyday schedules, and fresh idea trial that permits you to get a screenshot of an app and pick text and images, and many more.
extra on pixel

Android 11 has been rolled out on 8th September 2020 on selected devices Pixel, OPPO, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Realme phones, with further partners launching and updating phones or devices over the upcoming days or months.