January 25, 2021

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Top 10 Keyword Research Tools For Content Marketing

Keyword Research
Image Courtesy: SEO (Flickr)

It has been universally acknowledged by the digital marketers that keyword research can be a real pain. Settling down with the right tool for making the process less time-taking and more efficient is indeed a tough task to execute. Below is a list of free keyword research tools for performing your daily work in content marketing. Check them out.

Keyword Eye: This is a free plan that comprises of 10 keyword searches per day and offers up to 100 keyword suggestions per report and also 25 Google country keyword databases. Different colors symbolize high, medium and low PPC competition and mouse-over shows search volumes for each keyword.

  1. Wordpot: Wordpot needs registration but the trouble is worth it! Based on your query, this tool creates a list of keywords including search volume metrics. Post free-registration, keywords can be added to project and projects can be edited individually.
  2. SEO Book: A free registration is necessary for this tool. SEO Book offers suggestions on daily search volumes by market for Bing Yahoo and Google! You can directly export the list of keywords to CSV. All relevant keyword metrics like daily search volume, price estimates for CPC are displayed free of cost.
  3. Ubersuggest: You simply choose a keyword, a language and a source, then click on “Suggest” and there you go! This tool can be used free of cost without any registration. All keywords are displayed in alphabetical order and results can be filtered for numbers or letters.
  4. Google: Google Suggest is the most popular way of getting inspiration on long-tail keywords. This term is the drop down menu that appears when you type single letters in the search bar and hence it provides important insights on potential keywords. Google Trends on the other hand visualizes the interest development for specific keywords over time and helps in differentiating between buzzwords, trending topics and other issues. Google Adwords offers detailed insight into search volumes.
  5. Brainstorming: Here you use your head and heads of others working in your seo company. You do the research work as a team, thus taking a broader view on each topic. Here you’re forced to put yourself into the shoes of the readers but the only con is that it’s a time-taking process.
  6. Semager: This tool finds semantically related keywords and lists them according to a computed percentage of correspondence. The dynamic graph is a great feature which can be customized as well.
  7. Surveys: Here you directly ask your target group about what they want and how they’re searching for it. With this, you stay engaged with the target audience and get first-hand information.
  8. Keyword Discovery: This is a basic tool offering list of keywords for a chosen term and last year’s search volume is also displayed with the results.
  9. Wordstream: This tool offers 30 free searches to non-paying users. You enter a word in the search bar and get further ideas related to that term. The keyword list can be downloaded in CSV format.

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