January 18, 2021

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Tips To Increase Revenue By Utilizing Psychological Conversion Triggers

Website ConversionSomeone has truly said that conversions are all about psychology! There are innumerable emotions that pull at us until we make the decision of buying some product or service. While some may be impacted by the price, some others may be affected by the value or quality. Some, on the other hand, are the pressuring and re-affirming psychological factors that make the difference between a bounce and a sale. Unfortunately, most website owners overlook these points and this is the reason behind these sites either failing badly or never reaching the top of their potential.

Two of the main psychological factors that inspire you to a purchase or a register or a sign up are credibility and urgency. So what are the ways in which you can opt for conversion optimization by adding urgency and credibility to your website? How can you ensure that these emotions are pulling on customers throughout the entire buying cycle?

Demonstrating credibility

Credibility is all about trust. Once you can control the possible reasons a visitor or a potential customer would distrust your business, you can soon see increased conversions. Use these 3 principles to drastically enhance the credibility of your site:

  • Cohesiveness: The brand and your design should be persistently expressed throughout the entire site and all the other online channels. Everything should be visually cohesive starting from your Twitter account to your Facebook page to your website’s graphics and aesthetics and your logo.
  • Personability: People rarely want to be connected to a brand; they want to be connected to other people. People love to be treated as individuals and not as customers. Make your copy, descriptions of products, headlines and promotions more personal as this will create higher level of trust.
  • Social Proof: Social following, utilizing testimonials and other social proof signals will give assurance to the customers that your product is well respected widely. You can use a video on your homepage for showing social proof.

Creating urgency

Urgency is the harder, less straight-forward factor to implement but at the same time more effective. You have to change the mindset of the people from “whether or not to buy the product from you or your competitor” to “whether or not to buy the product now or miss out on the deal altogether”. Here are some principles.

  • Time: Is the product on a strict timeline? Is there a restrained amount of time to purchase the product? Is there a noteworthy benefit in buying now as opposed to later? Such focused principles can drastically increase the urgency of your offer and help in conversion optimization.
  • Supply: By creating a limitation in the supply of a product, you can dramatically increase the level of demand. If the test runs well, you can always add to the supply.
  • Exclusivity: This is one of those rare cases where you can ramp up social proof and demand in the same instance.

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