January 18, 2021

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Tips for Higher Rankings in App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the perfect way for app developers to optimize their app and make it more accessible to their target audience. Unfortunately, most app developers tend to overlook this approach of promoting their apps to get traction. Traction is mostly detected with the amount of downloads that is being made.

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Interestingly, app store optimization and search engine optimization are overlapping concepts. But the former is relatively new  as an approach compared to its big counterparts. It is important to know the important tips that will help designers to improve rankings of the apps designed by them.

On Page Relevance Factors

There are several on page factors that need to be worked upon in order to increase the visibility of the apps. In case you are unaware of what they are, now is the time for you to take a look at them.

  • App Title – It is extremely important to use keywords of the app in the app title itself. This is one of the most important and relevant signal that helps to optimize the app and give it maximum exposure.
  • App Description – It is important to describe what the app is all about. This helps users to understand whether the particular app will meet their requirements or not. So remember to add a proper description of the app.
  • Keywords Data – There needs to be a proper set of keywords tagged in the app. This eases the process of optimising the app and gives it maximum mileage. Using the appropriate keyword tags makes the app easily accessible to its mainstream audience.

So when the app is ready, make sure that these on page factors are taken care of at the earliest.

Off Page Relevance Factors

In case of app optimization, all that happens to market the app is accessible to everyone and the data can be easily determined for users. The list of signals help you to know the important factors that needs attention during app optimization.

  • CTR – Determining the Click Through Rate when the rankings start improving.
  • Usage Weights – Checking the approximate frequency of users while using the app.
  • Discard Rates – Verifying the average life span of the apps in desktop and how frequently the app gets deleted.
  • Reviews – Checking the authenticity of the reviewers and examining the average review score.
  • Downloads – Checking the download percentage of the apps among users.

It is important to check these factors after the app goes live in order to gauge the areas of improvement and think of better ways to market the app.