January 21, 2021

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5 Vital Tips To Make Your Website Run Faster And Increase The Loading Time

It is true that the search engines are getting faster and smarter with time. The search engine optimizers are implementing more and more factors so that they can easily measure the behaviors of the users. Among all the factors that they are introducing, website loading time is the most vital one. Webmasters always need to get pay attention for getting best results in the near future. The loading time of your web page can also affect your businesses too. Have a look at some page speed optimization tips to make your website load faster so that you can enhance your commercial results as well.

page loading speed optimization

  • Optimize the images: When you only need a 600 px image, why will you use a 720 px wide image? This is the biggest bad practice of web images, when there is a slot for a particular resolution wide image, most people use larger images to fit into the styling.
  • Save for web while editing in Photoshop: Usually most webmasters use Photoshop for creating their images and in that case, you should use “Save for Web” option so that you can export it into the format which you want. This will compress the image without allowing it to lose its quality.
  • Check your server bandwidth: Server bandwidth is the speed which your server allows for the browsers to upload and download data. It is always recommended to rent a high bandwidth server in order to provide a better experience to your visitors. You can try shared hosting and when your business is so serious, you can shift to a dedicated hosting.
  • Set cache for browser and server: Set cache for browser and server and then your static resources will soon be downloaded to the user computer. There are a large number of cache plugins available on the World Wide Web and this can make your effort minimal. So, when it comes to page loading speed optimization, this should be a very important point to keep in mind.
  • Reduce the file number: You can try to combine all your CSS styles into a single file as this will help you reduce the total number of files. However, always make sure that you keep a backup of all your files as this will help you modify when you require changes.

Hence, if you’re looking for some of the best page speed optimization tips, you can take into account the above mentioned points.