January 21, 2021

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Things That Your Competitors Are Doing To Crush You In Google

With the ongoing competition among websites to secure their rank in search engine results like Google, Google Shopping e-commerce has become the key for more holiday sales and exposure. Are you aware of the major plays that your competitors are using in order to out leverage you on the Google battlefield? If answered no, check them out before you get toppled down by your worthy and might competitors.

  1. Improved perception of brand: Google Shopping space on search is usually relegated to only 3-8 Product ads and 3-6 paid ads. Although that is a good portion of the Google Shopping page, getting enough visibility can always be a challenge in such places. What will be your competition? Well, your competition will be leveraging space on Google in order to highlight your brand, store and attributes of product and encourage more click-through, sales and impressions. You may consider using the following Google programs like Google Special Offers, Google Seller Ratings and Google Product Ratings. Unlike seller reviews that appear only if retailers have at least 3.5 stars, while product ratings show on search with as low as 1star.
  2. Make the required Feeds changes: Quarter 4 is actually the optimal time to rejuvenate and reinvent feed optimization for all your AdWords campaigns. Yes, it’s a fact that data feed changes will always be time-consuming and daunting as well, but at the same time, it may also have a significant impact on SEO, conversions and click-through rates. Are you well aware of the current Shopping Campaign updates by Google? Google Shopping campaign Structure and Custom Labels are some of them. You also need to enrich your product information by improving product title SEO and user search queries for title optimization. Design all the descriptions of your products in the best way possible and also locate top performing and seasonal seller groups.
  3. Utilize search trends: It is a fact unanimously acknowledged that mobile is perhaps the fastest growing segment of e-commerce and this is why you need to make sure whether or not your competitors are all using mobile-specific device bids. Experts have already studied that the conversion rate on mobile traffic is pretty low but mobile is still a vital and crucial part of a solid optimization strategy for Google. In case your website is not mobile-optimized, you may start off with a bid of 25-50% on mobile traffic. If you want to change your device bid for mobile in AdWords, you might navigate to the settings tab in your Shopping campaign and then choose ‘Devices’.
  4. Optimize big data: Google Shopping campaigns are certainly a great way of tracking and leveraging Google data for Shopping Campaigns. There are some useful Google Shopping tools, which your competitors might be using to outshine you and some of them are Bid Simulator. Benchmark Click Through rate, Impression Share, SKU Level Reporting and Max Cost per Click. When it comes to running ads, always consider running them during peak times on off-days to test and measure performance of your ads.

Hence, when it comes to securing the best position in Google ranks, you can follow the above mentioned tricks and not let your competitor out leverage you