January 18, 2021

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The New Search Analytics Report In Webmaster Tool Is Officially Launched By Google

According to recent reports, one of the most famous features of the Webmaster Tools, the Search queries report is gradually getting more powerful and useful. After paying heed to some of the most valuable user feedback, Google has announced that it is going to replace the Search queries report with a brand new and improved Search Analytics Report. It was on the 6th of May, 2015 that Google officially launched the new Search Analytics within Webmaster Tool.

Google Webmaster Tools Introduced Search Analytics







Therefore, the Google Search Analytics report will replace the Search Queries by the next 3 months when Google will remove the Search Queries report from the feature of the tool. If you’re wondering about how Search Analytics can work, this will do pretty much everything that the Search Queries report did and on top of that it will also give you a large number of filtering options and lot more data. It has been seen that Google was working on this since a long time, opening up an alpha test to the webmasters way back in January, 2015 and it was then that the webmasters approved for that particular test in February, 2015, with another roll-out being planned in the month of April.

The new Search Analytics report will soon include many of the features that the users were yearning for, like the ability to compare mobile traffic and desktop traffic, the ability to compare the metrics among various countries. You can also segment and breakdown your data nearly in any way in which you like with the new Google Search Analytics report and this will allow a precise analysis of your search traffic. If you want to see how the search traffic and queries can compare after Mobilgeddon, you can even do that easily with the help of this new tool.

If your website caters to an audience with an international base, you can utilize the Search Analytics report in order to narrow down and know the countries that are searching most of the brand. You just need to choose “impressions” as the metric, filter it by your brand name and the results of the group that are shown by the country are a sorted list of the impressions made by the country.

As compared to the old search Queries report, according to what Google says, Search Analytics is calculated and even more accurate and it blessed with some brand new features that were never seen before.