January 18, 2021

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Some Of The Most Efficient Market Research Tools – Recognize Your Audience

You may have known the fact that understanding and recognizing your audience on the social media is one of the keys to success. The more you know and understand your audience, the better will you be able to deliver the right kind of content and the updates that they’re interested in. So, what are some of the best ways of understanding your audience? What are some of the most efficient market research tools? If you’re really interested, here are some that you may take into account.

                   Market Research Tools

  1. Typeform: One of the most favorite market research tools at Buffer is Typeform and this specializes in beautiful and instinctive survey experiences. For instance, the survey-takers can easily navigate through their keyboard and the survey creators can create some awesome visuals and interactive elements. By sharing a survey link on your social media accounts, you can also use surveys for research. This way you will get direct insights into people who interact through the social media.
  2. Surveypal: This is a simple survey option, Surveypal has a clear drag and drop interface and it has been designed to be a great experience for the survey takers whether they’re on desktop or mobile.
  3. Survey Monkey: Survey Monkey is perhaps the most surveyed tool in the market. It has a huge list of features for surveys of all sizes, each and everything from a simple and quick 2-question survey to huge, robust surveys that are sent out to thousands of people. They have their free plan that will offer you 10 questions and 100 responses. For $25 a month, you get the freedom to unlock unlimited responses and questions.
  4. Survata: With Survata, you can create the survey and this market research tool will find the people to take into the survey, based on the demographics chosen by you. This is a good way of getting targeted insights from a chosen group.
  5. Voice Polls: After creating a survey, this tool goes to find the survey takers on your behalf. For only 10 cents per response, you may get feedback from the general people. For 10 more cents, you may opt to receive responses from the chosen people with the complete demographic

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