January 18, 2021

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SEO – Difference Between The Black Hat And White Hat Techniques

black and white hat seoOne of the most necessary factors that play an overtly important role in determining the value of a site in accordance with the number of visitors and traffic is SEO or search engine optimization. As the colors of the different types of SEO, black and white, there are stark difference in the long term results and approach. Though both the black hat SEO and white hat SEO have their respective proponents, most companies with stable, long term and sustainable goals tend to steer clear of the dark-colored variety. Let’s check out the differences between the two types of SEO, the black hat and the white hat.


White Hat SEO: White hat SEO will always leverage techniques and methods that don’t violate the guidelines of search engines, especially Google, to improve the search engine rankings of a website.

Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO will always exploit the weaknesses of the algorithms of search engines to acquire higher rankings for a website. All such methods and techniques will highly conflict with the guidelines of the search engines, especially Google.


White Hat SEO: Some of the most common white hat SEO techniques will include high quality and seamless content creation, website HTML optimization and link acquisition campaigns. The backlinks of the websites will always be accompanied by high quality and relevant content that has been developed after intense research.

Black Hat SEO: Some of the black hat SEO techniques will include link spamming, cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden links and hidden texts. All these techniques are clearly against the guidelines of Google and hence the websites that use such techniques are usually penalized sooner or later.


White Hat SEO: By leveraging the above mentioned techniques, you can certainly expect gradual but steady growth that will last through a long span of time. You might be slow in earning visitors and traffic but once you start earning, you will not stop.

Black Hat SEO: By utilizing all the wrong techniques that are against the guidelines of Google, you will get quick and unpredictable growth but it will always be short-lasting in obtaining rankings.

Hence, when you’re into the world of SEO, you should know that there is nothing called ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Make sure you choose different types of approaches that can help you build a better ranking for your website.