January 25, 2021

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Referrer spam – Detecting It And Deleting It From Analytics

The web analytics service of Google is one of the most reliable and effective tracking services available. If there is some statistics that you would like to supervise on your website, there are high chances that Google analytics has a tool that will help you do so. Sadly, there’s a new shady strategy that the spammers are using in order to attract traffic and attention to their own websites and this is known as Referrer spam.

Tips to remove referrer spam

Referrer spam – What is it?

This is a unique spam content which is visible through the web analytics dashboard and usually it is only a website administrator who can see it. It shows itself either as a false traffic referral or a direct visit or a search term and the way in which it works is pretty ingenious. It is either a name or a link which is shared through the HTTP header during the time when a browser navigated between one page and another. The information is tracked by the web analytics platform and provides you a bevy of information regarding your audience.

In what way does this affect you?

Besides being annoying, referrer spam can even screw up your analytics data. However that will depend on the size of your website and the amount of traffic that you pull across. If you consider a massive website like Amazon, it wouldn’t suffer at all even after a 1000 hits from the spammers in their Google analytics report. Hence, the core issue is that it can harm marketing analysis by masking and hiding the legal traffic reports.

How do you eliminate referrer spam?

One of the most common ways is by blocking the related URLs through the .htaccess file in the root directory of your website domain. While this may work for you, it might even give the impression of working while it might not be working actually. There are 2 types of referrer spams, one if Crawler Referrer Spam and the other is Ghost Spam. The only way in which you can stop Ghost Spam from pinging your analytics account is by utilizing filters. Here you need to note that filters can both be created and managed by an administrator and hence without proper access to the account, you would require someone else set up the filters for you.

So, when it comes to the referrer spam removal tips, you can take into account the above mentioned points and facts. Don’t let this spam disrupt your site’s performance.