January 21, 2021

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Pixel-first features on Android 11 are in your Device

pixel first

A few times a year, your Pixel gets an enhanced with software updates that drive fresh features, tricks, and apps to your device. But at present, with the latest Pixel-first features on Android 11, your Pixel has yet extra intelligence to create it enhanced and extra cooperative, like generous you innovative methods to manage your media and systematize your apps, and building it easier to be in touch with friends and family. And it’s all with privacy as the main concern. The whole thing occurs over the air, so you acquire that new device or phone sensation more and more again. 

Prioritize Public, with Pixel

At present, new Android 11 features are striking Pixel initial to assist you spotlight on linking with those, who are close to you, whether you’re gathering in a park for a socially distant picnic, or hurriedly respond to your beloved ones’ messages. 

prioritize with pixel

You can now utilize Live View with Location Sharing in Google Maps to simply meet up with friends IRL. If your friends have selected to share their location with you, just tap on their icon and then on Live View on the right area of your screen. You will notice where they are relative to you, besides how far away they are. Tapping on start will then confirm your arrows and directions placed exactly on top of your globe so you can see accurately which direction to go.

The latest elegant respond on your Pixel’s keyboard compose typing easy by giving you obliging ideas when you’re utilizing chat apps. And it’s all progressions on your device to guard your privacy.

Find extra manage over your phone

Now your Pixel can build app ideas supports on your every day routines so you can speedily acquire to tools you require, when you require them. Your phone will advise apps you utilize at diverse times of the day, like Messages for your every day check-ins, Google Maps for your afternoon amble or the media apps you utilize in the evening to help you breeze down from a hectic day.

more control over your phone

Your Pixel will also provide you more handy methods to choice text and images, or capture a screenshot with latest outline events. So whether you’re copying and pasting, saving or sharing the item you wish for, you will have extra choices over how you choose and connect with idea on your Pixel. 

Build your Pixel as exclusive as you are, starting with the home screen of your phone. At the present, your Pixel can assist categorize your phone with new smart ideas for folder names. Swiftly collection apps by theme, like Photography, News, Navigation, Fitness and many more. 

Android 11 Pixel x

In totaling to the whole thing next to Pixel-first, you will also obtain all of the immense new Android 11 features as well, offering you easier methods to handle your discussions, linked devices, privacy, and further than.