January 18, 2021

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Mobilegeddon – Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Has Been Rolled Out

Google has officially confirmed in their blog post on 21st April, 2015 Google mobile-friendly update has been launched. If you own a website of your own and you think that your website is still not mobile-friendly, it is still not too late to take the preventive measures. You always have the opportunity to go ahead and take the measures in the near future and benefit from this new algorithm. There are webmasters who are worried about the fate of their websites after the rolling out of this update and here are some common questions answered on this update.

Mobile friendly update
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Qn.1: When is the final date of Google to release the mobile-friendly algorithm?

A: The mobile friendly algorithm has been updated on, 21st of April, 2015 and Google has confirmed this.

Qn.2: Who will be impacted by this mobile-friendly algorithm update?

A: This particular algorithm update will impact only the mobile searchers and this will also give an improved ranking to the web pages that are mobile-friendly in Google’s mobile search ranking pages.

Qn.3: Will this update impact the desktop rankings too?

A: No, this is not an update that will impact the desktop searchers; it is only going to impact the mobile searchers. This will not drop the desktop rankings of any webpage.

Qn.4: Will this mobile-friendly update affect the tablet searchers?

A: No, this algorithm update will impact only the searchers that are done on the smartphone devices but not on tablets.

Qn.5: How do we know that our site is mobile-friendly?

A: There are just a handful of ways in which you can know whether or not your site is mobile-friendly. One of the ways in which you can know whether or not your site is indexed by Google is by seeing if your site has the mobile-friendly label in the Google mobile search results. Using the mobile-friendly testing tool, you can see if you pass the exam but Google will still require some time to update its index. This way you will come to know whether or not yours is a mobile-friendly site.

Qn.6: Is this a delayed or a real-time algorithm?

A: Unlike Penguin and Panda, this Google mobile friendly update is run in real time.

Hence, if you wish to fight back with the recent mobile-friendly algorithm, you should inform yourself about the facts.