January 25, 2021

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Mobile Is Coming – Reasons You Can’t Hide From Mobile PPC

mobile ppc

The quote in Game of Thrones “mobile is coming” is already creating ripples within the industry, thereby serving as an evil warning of a future that will be totally mobile dominated. However, don’t you think that instead of talking about mobiles in the future tense, we should rather speak in present tense as for most of us mobile, is already here. Majority of us have been witness to this transition in most of our old and long-standing accounts.

Few years ago, mobile made up a tiny portion of overall spend and traffic but time has changed. Now all those accounts have ceded as much as 50% of the desktop traffic to mobile, earning majority of their clicks from tablet devices and mobile. According to industry wide data, mobile saw 98% growth over the entire second quarter of 2014. So, basically, if you still don’t have a smart and effective mobile strategy in place, you will always remain a loser in the current market conditions. Here is a list of some of the most common objections that you will come across when you get started with mobile PPC.

  • Try not to use mobile advertising: This is one of the most common scenario and something that is increasingly untenable for the advertisers as desktop traffic loses a huge share. Every client whom you work with, irrespective of the business model or industry, their goals are specific, either to make their account more efficient or to make it grow. If you too are someone who is pretty determined about the growth of your account, you clearly need to restructure the stance on mobile advertising.
  • Traffic won’t convert even by using mobile advertising: The first response is to challenge the entire notion that it has to and it is definitely assisting in the entire conversion process too. According to the 2013 US Mobile Path-to-Purchase study, 47% of the survey respondents replied that they relied on mobile devices during their pre-purchase product research. However, if you’re someone who is dead set to increase your conversion rates, you need to broaden your scope of the types of conversions that best suit your user.
  • Performance is sluggish even by using mobile ads: Another obstacle that you may face is the threat of sluggish performance. If this is the case with you when you’ve worked on your website and enhanced your conversion rate, there are some other hacks that you can employ. Mobile Sitelinks is equivalent to more attention. Mobile Display Campaigns is yet another tool. Make sure you strongly consider using AdSense for Mobile app. You may also use mobile preferred ads as this allows you to streamline uses to mobile-optimized landing pages.

In a nutshell, mobile devices are here to stay and if you have the simplest desire of growing your PPC accounts, it is high time that you come up with an effective PPC marketing plan in correspondence with the current market conditions. Take into account the above mentioned points before taking the plunge.