January 18, 2021

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Microsoft Signed 10Years Deal For AOL To Use Bing’s Ads & Listings

It was on 29th June, 2015 that Rik van der Kooi, vice president of advertising and consumer monetization, Microsoft and Frank Holland announced new levels of partnership with AOL and AppNexus. With regards to AOL search, Bing is in and Google is out. Microsoft has signed a 10 year agreement with AOL for Bing to offer search listings and ads to AOL as of 1st January, 2016. This has been the latest in the world of search engine news.


When Google won this deal in 2002, it was indeed a huge deal for the company. While Google was still trying to come up with new ideas, AOL had substantial web search traffic. However, Google somehow managed to renew the deal and rejuvenate the agreement every time since 2002. But enough of it now! Although that’s not a huge loss for Google but it does matter. If compared, AOL has only 1% search traffic within the United States of America and Google has 65% traffic. Hence, it can be easily said that Google won’t even notice this loss and literally the search engine giant didn’t even fight hard to get this deal back. It is through this loss that Google can again argue that it does not completely dominate in web search as it is always criticized for.

On the other hand, the Microsoft & AOL collaboration has been a great win for Bing. As a perk, it recently passed the 20% share mark within the US and this deal will give it another feather on the cap. Again, it has been reported that Microsoft is surrendering its ad sales and display business to AOL and they are also of the opinion that Bing generated enough ROI to function on a standalone basis.

As a part of this deal, AOL and Microsoft share a commitment to collaboration and customer service and together they will create a powerhouse media offering a plethora of assets. Their advertising customers will have a consistent experience as they transition their trade and sales marketing employees in the 9 markets to AOL.

This search engine news is proof of increased focus of Microsoft on their strengths like search, web search advertising and offering great content for consumer services. They promise to remain as committed as they have been in the past few decades to digital advertising and in delivering free services to customers throughout the world.