January 26, 2021

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Low Quality Guest Posts Considered As Spam By Google Webmaster Guidelines

According to recent reports, Google has updated its webmaster guidelines, especially the guideline that caters to the content writing portion. Google has said that low-quality guest blog posts are nothing but scraped content and can only be considered as spam. It was Brian Ussery was the first one to spot this change and he also noted how Google has been fighting the use of guest posting. Nowadays, most webmasters do guest blog posting due to SEO purposes, only to see their websites rise higher in search engine rankings.

Since then Google has kept on penalizing different guest blog networks and they still continue to set targets on low-quality guest blogging which aims at manipulating the Google search results. Before the change, as per the Webmaster guidelines, in order to improve the rank of a website, one needed to ensure that it contains enough of rich information with relevant keywords placed in appropriate places. But there are too many webmasters who create pages with little or no good quality content.

Google will soon take actions against all those domains which try to increase their search engine ranking by including scraped content that doesn’t add any substantial value to the users. Auto generated content, doorway pages, thin affiliate sites and scraped content are some such examples. However, after the change, the low quality guest blog posts have also been added into the list. In case your website has been removed from search engine listings, make sure you make the required changes to the content of your website and thereby send your website for reconsideration request.