January 26, 2021

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All That You Need To Know About Google’s New Search Analytics Report

The last few months have indeed been a super-busy one for Google. With staggering changes in AdWords, new features to Google+ and the mobilegeddon, Google has been keeping each and every digital marketer busy on their toes with their frequent new updates. One more update from Google this month was to the Google Search Analytics where they removed the old Queries report from Webmaster Tools and introduced the new search analytics report. Read on to know what you should know about the change.

Google Search Analytics Changes

What is the reason behind such a change?

The old Queries report used to focus primarily on the broad search phrases along with their impressions, CTR (click through rate) and search position. While this was indeed a handy tool, there were some marketers that didn’t rely on the validity of the data that was provided. Hence, to offer users more perfect data, the Google Search Analytics changes came into effect. The new Search Analytics report will offer more precise data with the different options to filter the data. Now, the new report allows the users to compare traffic metrics among various countries, landing pages, date ranges and many more.

How accurate are the new changes?

Well, since the change has been too new, there was not much time to test the data and dive deeply into the new options. The main data within the report, click-through rate, impressions and position of every query look should be the same.

Impressions: An ‘impression’ is counted every time the site shows on search results for queries. You need to understand that they aren’t just keywords but rather an estimate of every broad matched term. Even if the user may or may not have scrolled past the result in SERPs, this will also be counted as an impression.

Clicks: Through this new report, you can filter in order to look at the webpages on the website with the highest number of clicks from Google. While comparing the landing page data from Google Search Analytics to this new click data in Webmaster Tools, the click data showed less ‘clicks’ than the entrances from Google in Analytics.

Position: The rank or position that has been given in the new report is an average over time of the topmost result’s position for a definite query. This is much less accurate with respect to tracking changes and progress in ranking as compared to other tools.

Therefore, if you’re an internet marketer, you should note down the changes and take into account the steps that you should take to save your search engine ranking.

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