March 3, 2021

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Important Aspects To Cover In Content Campaign

content campaign

Just as working out your link building strategy is important prior a content campaign, not paying much heed to your SEO strategy could spell disaster for the campaign as well, if you have planned one. It could not only generate more web traffic to your website but the chances of conversion rates also improve if you take all aspects into consideration. 

In this article, let us focus on a few of the key aspects that you must take into account so that your content campaign could yield better results and also that it progresses without hassles, thereby facilitating the ranking process.

page titles
  • Page titles

  • Although this is the most basic of all the other factors, there have been instances when individuals have forgotten to work on their page titles. You will need to define a page title manually provided you are doing a makeover of the entire page with the help of HTML (Custom). You could also be using cascading style sheets for the same. This is because you are not making use of a template. 

    meta description
  • Meta description

  • It may not play an instrumental role in ranking; nevertheless, writing an enticing Meta description is crucial. It should be clearly written in tandem with the body of the content and must give an idea to the visitor what the page is about and what to expect. If not ranking, it could improve your chances of the ‘click-throughrates’. 

  • Internal links

  • While optimizing on-page content, there are 2 kinds of internal links that you must pay heed to, Links to the key pages and Links from the key pages. You have to “secure” links to the content that you have put up on your website. 

    If possible, you could diversify the quality links (link equity) to the pages that you consider vital for traffic. As far as links from the pages are concerned, these might be the pages that do not have a lot of content or not the main pages that facilitate navigation.

  • Texts and images

  • These days you will find infographic has become very popular and used widely. When you are using one, you have to use a small amount of text, which is unavoidable. This holds true especially when you are incorporating snippets. However, using a lot of text along with infographics is not desirable. Alternatively, if you are planning to use a lot of text, opt for HTML instead that also supports icons. 

    When it comes to images, make sure you incorporate “strong elements” that are enticing and relevant. However, you must ensure that the images that you include do not make your page slow. This will turn away visitors if the page takes a lot of time to load. Compressing images can save space and time. 

    Aside from the above factors, there are few others that are equally important when it comes to including them for your content campaign and these are making use of Google Analytics and GTM code (tracking tools), and Dataset Schema.

    SEO service provider

    In order to get the best results related to Search engine optimization and digital marketing, hiring the services of a professional SEO service provider is perhaps your best bet. You can also talk to your peers, friends, and family for a recommendation. This is because by doing so; you know you will be trying the services of someone that has already proved their quality of work