January 18, 2021

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How To Create The Perfect Landing Page For Better Lead Conversion

create perfect landing page

When you design a website or for that matter a landing page, the main objective is to enhance the conversion rate. You would want your prospective leads to get included in your list of clientele. It may so happen that you have a kickass website that you are planning to use as your prime virtual marketing tool but you are not getting the desired results. Why is it so?

Chances are that your landing page might need to be revamped and given a facelift. In fact, the worst part is when you don’t even know whether your landing page is having any problem. However, you can do away with the lacunae that exist on the current landing page by making few modifications. And this is exactly what has been explained in the paragraphs that follow.

Tips for making the perfect landing page

Given below are the guidelines or the handy tips that you can follow to get the best results in this regard. Check these out.

  • Be clear about the message

Words can work wonders if used in the right manner. It is important to get your message across very precisely and the concept of your business model should be clear to your clients, whether old or new. 

Keep the words, simple, lucid, and easy to understand. Choose the words as if you are talking to your clients across the ‘window’, which essentially is your landing page of the website. The headlines must be short, crispy, and catchy. When you convey your message, there are 2 main aspects that you must include, namely, 

*  What your product or service is all about and secondly, 

* How will clients benefit by investing in your product. 

When you are explaining the product and the benefits, make sure you explain accurately what clients can expect from your product and should not be hoodwinked or assured in a wrong manner.

visual representation
  • Visual representation

Using images judiciously can help your website attract visitors largely. However, most importantly, the images have to be relevant with text snippets explaining each image. It is usually said that images tend to get retained longer as compared to plain text content. Make sure that the landing page is not cluttered with the same. An optimum usage of the images is the best bet. 

  • Carefully chosen forms

Oftentimes, you must have seen landing pages having long forms that require you to fill up forms with several fields. This is not an encouraging thing to do or follow when it comes to landing pages. You will not find a visitor that will want to spend a lot of time feeding in their personal details. It is frustrating and most importantly, annoying. As such, you can keep it short and simple. You can ask for the email address, name, and password. That should suffice. 

call to action buttons
  • Call to Action navigation buttons

You must highlight these buttons. Make it bold and underlined; give it some special effects if required like make it embossed. 

Creating landing pages

Remember, there are 2 types of landing pages that you must use for different needs. One is the so-called ‘click-through’ page and the other is the ‘lead generation’ page. Create these pages depending on the nature of your product, the objective of your business, and the type of marketing strategy that you opt for.