January 18, 2021

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Google Webmaster Tools – Why Is It a Goldmine For Content And Marketing?

google webmaster toolsYes, Google Webmaster tools is certainly called the goldmine for content and marketing departments as they generate a wide array of data that assists you in crafting an intelligent SEO campaign. If you’re someone who is already using Google Analytics, you will still need to use Webmaster Tools. In fact, there are webmasters who check both for their websites. While Analytics looks at who is coming to your site and what they’re reading, Webmaster Tools allows you to see your websites as Google does. It points out the errors, with the crawl, links and code. In short, Webmaster Tools help you form different strategic campaigns to attract new audience.

Webmaster Tools give you information like keyword ranking data, traffic trends that are based on keyword insights, trends based on content and even Google Authorship statistics. The data can be easily downloaded and therefore you can manipulate to analyze different trends. Have a look at some ways to use Webmaster Tools.

  • Search queries: There is the search queries section where they show current and average keyword ranking and organic and search impressions and CTR or click through rate of each keyword. When you’re looking for trends, toggle “With Change” to check out how your SEO efforts is performing over time.
  • Traffic patterns: Apart from the average position for the top search queries that will gradually lead the users to your website. Webmaster Tools will always offer you the average ranking position. You can identify different valuable points like the content that is ranking both best and the worst, CTR for each page, and also locate the content with great CTR but low average ranking.
  • Keyword insights: While optimizing for specific keywords, if you view search queries by specific keywords, it will reveal which pages on your website rank the highest for that particular keyword. Use this information to know which pages in your website are being considered as most valuable and relevant according to Google.

Therefore, in short, Google Webmaster Tools can easily give you a detailed data that you may need to enhance your SEO campaign. You will be empowered with the ability to track changes over time and also provide insight into the effectiveness of your efforts.