January 25, 2021

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Yet Another Google Pigeon Update Rolls Out In Australia, Canada And The UK

Google Pigeon Update
Image Credit: Jean-Daniel Echenard

According to recent reports, the new local ranking algorithm rolled out by Google in the US earlier in 2014 has now been introduced in the UK, Canada and Australia. The new local Pigeon update was rolled out in the US on 24th of July, 2014 and has recently been expanded over last week to the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Initially there were rumors of this change but then a spokesperson of Google confirmed the news of the change being introduced in the three aforementioned countries.

The Google Algorithm update, named Pigeon was originally aimed at offering a more useful, accurate and relevant search results that are actually tied closely to the traditional search ranking signals. These changes would be visible within the Google Maps search results and the Google web search results. However, the core changes lie behind the scenes but that too impacts the local search results ranking. Some local businesses might notice a decrease or an increase in web site referrals, leads and businesses after the change.

Google has reportedly said that the new local search algorithm tied deeper into the web search capabilities, including the thousands of ranking signals that they use in web search along with the search feature such as the Knowledge Graph, spelling corrections and so on. Apart from this, Google also said that the new algorithm improved their location and distance ranking parameters.

The new Google algorithm update is presently rolling for the US English results and aims to provide a more useful and relevant experience for the web searchers who are seeking local results. Initially Google didn’t share any information about when the update would roll out more widely in other languages and countries but now, as mentioned above, it has been rolled out in Australia, Canada and the UK. Google has neither given any comment on the percentage of queries impacted by this particular algorithm update, nor whether certain web spam algorithms were deployed within this update. They’ve also asked the webmasters to let them know if they’ve noticed any changes in ranking and referrals to their local businesses.

Google added that they’re still rolling this out and it now goes beyond Canada, Australia and the UK. They also added that this particular update was being rolled out in different English-speaking countries except India.

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