January 21, 2021

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Google Introduces Its New Logo – A Major Restructuring Effort By The Company

Soon after a month of the major restructuring step taken by the company, Google has updated its logo too. Google’s new logo is still a wordmark and they have used the sans-serif font which makes it more playful and modern in its outlook. The colors that are used in the logo are even softer than what they used to be and it bears more resemblance to the new parent company of Google, Alphabet. The wordmark of Alphabet also has a similar undecorative look and after Google’s update the 2 companies have a design that is similar to each other.

Google's New Logo

Google’s wordmark has been evolving since 1998 and this is easily the biggest change since 1999 when Google settled with its 4 colors. Since that time, the logo has been flattened more and more. However, the latest change has represented a very big leap. Apart from changing the wordmark, Google also changed the small ‘G’ logo that you see on your browser tabs when you open the home page of Google. Now the logo is seen in the uppercase G and is striped with the 4 colors of Google. The company has also created a cute animation that rubs off the old logo and draws the new one.

Why did Google make this change?

In a recent blogpost, Google discussed how there have been advancements in technology and how they interact with services and products and also with the internet. There’s no single reason that can be stated about the requirement of a redesign but they say that Google’s new logo should be enough to imply that Google is no longer just a site that you can visit on your desktop; rather it’s a huge concoction of apps, sites, services and everything else. According to Google, the new logo of Google is meant to reflect the fact that when the magic of Google is working on you, you can use it even on the tiniest of screens.

The major consideration of Google has been to make the logo of Google look good on small screen and they have been quite successful in achieving their goal. As this is the story behind Google’s logo history, you can now see the new ‘G’ appearing throughout all devices. Among the most noteworthy logos is Google+, which is now shown as a big version of the new G sans color.

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