January 26, 2021

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Google Confirms That Mobile Search Exceeds Searches On Desktop In The US

It has been noticed long back that Google searches that are done on smartphones have exceeded the total number of searches that were done on the desktop. Google recently confirmed that this is something inevitable that is going to happen and it has already started happening. At the annual ad conference in Half Moon Bay, California, the vice president of Google AdWords said that there are many more users in Japan and the US, searching on Google through their smartphones than the users who are searching on Google on their desktops. He also informed that there are 8 other countries have also seen this shift to mobile down the horizon and there is an increase in mobile search queries but he also declined to name these countries at the same time.

Google Adwords Mobile Searches

During 2015’s annual AdWords Performance Summit, Google made a large number of interesting announcements regarding the ad service AdWords. This is that ad platform that is responsible for serving all the ads that most of us see everyday, along with being one of the main revenue sources for the company. It was in 2014 that we heard some informal statements from different Google employees that mobile search queries would overtake desktop queries in 2015. Google just did nothing but confirmed it.

Majority of the changes come in the way of content that is mobile-focussed and this comes as no surprise as the mobile devices increase throughout the world. Based on the deep insight analysis of Google, the company is gradually making more mobile-friendly with advertisements that cater to all kinds of finger swipes as against mouse clicks. According to the search engine giant, Google, more and more mobile search is taking place on the different mobile devices than anything else in some of the major markets throughout the world including Japan, US and many other countries.

One among such products will be Automobile ads and this new set up will offer users with not only ads that are more mobile-focused but also those that cater to the way in which we search for cars on a regular basis. As they say that this happens mostly with Google images, the new automobile ads will open a string of images that will be full of links and data which can be accessed through a simple tap.

Hence, it can now be clearly said that desktop search is about to take a backseat as mobile search results will become more important.