January 25, 2021

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Google Announces A New Dynamic Version Of Callout Extensions In AdWords

Google had already launched the callout extensions around a year back in order to give site highlighting benefits in Google AdWords text ads. Very recently, they have rolled out the dynamic version of the callout extensions. They are nothing but an automated extension which highlights specific information on business and product in Google search ads. Unlike the ones that were launched a year back, the dynamic ones update appropriately.

Google Adword's New Feature

The dynamic callouts will generate based on the entire information that is present on your website, thereby allowing you to reduce the total amount of time that you spend in managing each individual callout. However, Google also reports that it is still vital to keep adding and optimizing callouts since dynamic callouts might not always show up for all advertisers on the web. You can add your own personal callouts at the campaign, account or other ad group level. Google reports that they will always give priority to the callouts that you provide over the dynamic ones.

Dynamic callouts – How they might benefit you

In case your advertisement is eligible, here are some ways in which dynamic callouts, the new AdWords extension, can easily benefit your campaigns.

  • Saves your time: As the callout text represents the existing content that you find on your website, you don’t require any extra added work on your part.
  • Helps people find out more on products: It is the dynamic callouts that give the visitors a better preview of the services and products and also the special offers that they will get on clicking on your ad.
  • Enhances your ROI: This additional and extra information can even boost the relevance of your ads and the clickthrough rates too. This will consequentially improve your ROI (return on investment) by focusing on getting clicks from those visitors who seem to be more interested in your offer.

Hence, it can be clearly said that Google AdWords dynamic callouts can enhance the average performance of your advertisements and they’re a vital factor in Ad Rank, although the advertisers have the entire freedom of disabling this option. As we know that Google is rolling out dynamic callouts within the coming few weeks, it is for you to know that they will be available only in English language at the beginning. Dynamic callouts can appear on tablets, desktop computers, mobile devices will web browsers.

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