January 18, 2021

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Google Analytics Tricks That You Can Employ For Your Website

google analyticThe most common question that bloggers get is ‘how to get insights about Google Analytics?’ There are many people who have a Google Analytics account for years but all they do is to look at page views and the number of visitors that they get. However, this is wrong and so wrong that they can never imagine! Through Google Analytics tools, it is possible to learn more about visitors and also get insights about how to serve visitors in a better manner. If you’re someone who is not sure enough about how to use Google Analytics, here are some effective and smart tricks that you can follow.

  • Set up some goals: This is quite a simple process and it’s also neglected by most people. However, it’s a fact that after you install a tracking code, you require setting up goals. Such goals are foundation for your website analysis as everything revolves around conversion rates and goals. Start by asking yourself about the purpose of your website, what kind of website it is and whether or not it is a blog from which you want to earn revenue. Later on, these goals will help you track conversion rates and also get insights.
  • Connect with Google Webmaster Tools account: This is yet another free product from Google that helps you see data about your website like the number of impressions for your search queries and the position in search engines like Google, diagnosis about information reported by Google and the number of links. Additionally, you need to check +1 metrics, the performance of your site to assess the result of your SEO campaign.
  • Enhance speed of site: Another neat feature of Google Analytics is that it lets you check the loading time of your pages. You can check which pages need attention and determine which pages need to be enhanced to improve the loading time. Remember that the loading time of your website will certainly improve your user experience.

Hence, the above mentioned tricks are some of the best ways in which you can utilize Google Analytics to improve the quality of your website and enhance its site ranking in search engine results.