January 25, 2021

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How Google Analytics Improves Your Google AdWords Results

Almost all of us are pretty aware of the fact that AdWords performs great at clicks, conversions and costs but what happens between that is a mystery, at least unless you employ Analytics. In fact, the concerns of this article deals with the ways in which Google Analytics and Google AdWords can work hand in hand in order to improve your PPC results. Keeping in mind the speed at which brand new features keep getting added, we often tend to overlook some of the coolest capabilities. Check out some important points on AdWords and Analytics.

AdWords and Analytics work better when they’re together

While AdWords is good at telling you about the money that your ads cost and the number of conversions that you are getting but within that, everything is a mystery unless you import GA into the equation. With GA, you will come to know what people do to your website and you will come to know why they’re not converting. By fixing conversion issues, your AdWords performance will perform better.

Stop deleting zero conversion keywords

Suppose you have a number of 0 conversions which you might be thinking of deleting or lowering the bids drastically. But you should keep in mind that the conversions which you see in AdWords are last-click conversions and hence only the least keyword that gets a click will get the entire credit. So, if you delete these, you might be eliminating the keywords that drive upper funnel activity. Check if you have engagement for these keywords before taking any step.

Look for bad landing pages quickly

You can utilize the columns “avg time on site” and “bounce rate” to look for ads that are not converting or engaging users. Analyze all the worst offenders and list them based on possible solutions which could be one of the following: pick a better landing page, fix keyword relevance, fix ads that may be misleading and address elements that seem to be untrustworthy.

Google Analytics lets you track more complex conversions

The AdWords tracking code is simple to use and efficient but it can’t track complex conversions. However there are some advertisers who wish to track more than just the views of a key page. If all the actions don’t have a corresponding page, the tracking becomes a bit too complex. If you wish to track phone calls after an ad is clicked, the third-party vendor handles the call tracking. However, the only real downside of GA is that there’s a bit too much of delay when they’re imported. It takes normally 72 hours on an average.

So, now you know that without the help of Google Analytics Google AdWords won’t be able to offer you best results. If you have different segments, you need to understand them and thereby employ Google Analytics to take any segment and transform it into a remarketing audience list in a single click. Just make sure that you take all the steps that are required by you in order to enhance your PPC results and thereby help you with better returns.