January 25, 2021

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Google Adwords Turns 15 – Let’s Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Officially, Google released AdWords on 3rd October, 2000. Happy Birthday Google AdWords for turning 15! While its birthday was technically on the 1st week of October, 2015, Google chose to celebrate it few days later by presenting before the viewers a walk down memory lane with a statistic-rich report of their achievements since 2000. The company said that throughout the last 15 years, Google has witnessed immense shifts in technological advancements and consumer behavior. Along the way, Google innovated different things to provide the users with more relevant answers. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Google Adwords Turns 15

Year 2000: People kept turning to Google to connect with different business firms and with the launch of AdWords, the connection became simpler. There were 350 ads on AdWords when it was first launhed and now its over 1 milllion advertisers.

Year 2001: 5 of the most searched brands were Nokia, Sony, BMW, Plm and Adobe. DiscountMugs.com was a business that has transformed the face of doing business with the help of Google since the last 15 years.

Year 2003: Google AdWords expands throughout the world and people in 218 countries got connected with business through Google ads. Berto, from Italy acknowledges the omnipresent blessing of the internet is helping them drive online sales throughout the globe. Since 2002, 300% more revenue and employees were seen. Google search was available in 72 languages in 2002 and now it has reached 150+ languages including Klingon!

Year 2010: The TrueView ads of YouTube debut and it gave enough choice to the viewers about which ads they wanted to watch on the internet. This helped businesses to connect with brands with a more engaged audience. Over 1 billion viewers viewed the Gangnam Style video, which was the first video to cross the milestone in 2012. In 2008, 15 hours of videos were uploaded on YouTube per minute and now over 400 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Year 2015: The world has gone mobile and AdWords offer more ways for people to locate businesses and apps on the go. More than 50% of Google search occurs on mobile devices and 82% of the shoppers consult their smartphones while inside the store.

Mobile has changed consumer behavior and consumer expectations. Adwords marketing has also gained new popularity in 2015. As Google looks forward to the coming 15 years, they’re excited to witness those intent-rich moments which matters to the brands and consumers.

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