January 18, 2021

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Google Adwords Dimension Tab Now Featured With AdGroup & Campaign Detail Report

The Google AdWords Dimensions Tab has the ability to quickly assess settings and analyse performances through various ad groups as well as campaigns. Success of ads can be easily measured with the help of this new Dimension Tab that is featured extensively in Google AdWords. Last month did roll out the campaign details, but now Google has also added the group details to it as well.

Google Adwords

The ad details is a comprehensive report that lets you review the existing settings and at the same time also allows you to analyse performances of the ads. Not just the ads, but this new feature also lets you analyse the operations and measure the success of the ad campaigns. All you need to do is choose the specific ad group details report that you want to browse through. In order to make your search smoother, you can always filter by campaign type, label as well as metric. Through this process, you can check the number of disapproved, active or negative keywords. You can also check the number of ad groups which have site links enabled or even disapproved. This new feature also gives you scope to make several mobile bid adjustments.

Another major plus point is the fact that you can download reports as easily as you can download any other reports in Google AdWords. Let us help you find out the steps involved. All you need to do is go to the dimension tab and right at the bottom you will find the option Campaign details as well as Ad group details. This implies basically you are just one click away from finding the reports and have your set of analysis done.

That’s not all, along with the Google AdWords, there is also the summary dashboard right at the top of details. Care must be taken that you keep your AdWords account extremely organized. The more organized your account is, better will be your ability to perform different functions related to promoting your brand as well as making your ads run successfully. Make sure you keep a close look on the budget and work out your settings accordingly so that you don’t make a loss.

Ad campaigns are all about putting the right money in the right place, so analyse from before about the money you wish to invest in your Google ads. This new feature is indeed an attraction that will make working on Google AdWords easy and convenient.