January 18, 2021

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Expert Strategies To Increase Click Through Rate through PPC Advertising

Effective PPC StrategiesThere is a wide array of options when it comes to increasing the click-through rates of the campaigns of businesses and advertisers through Paid Search. Among the plethora of PPC strategy options available in the market, below listed are the main ones that will have the best impact on your advertising campaign. The list mentioned below keeps conversions in mind as companies are usually focused on ROI and brand awareness.

  1. Consult the client or your company: By far, this is the best means of increasing the click-through rate of a campaign. You have to try to ask in-depth queries to comprehend the ways of the industry, the market, the target audience, the business and the competitors. This insight allows you to think methodically about what is likely to be effective and which keywords you wish to stray away from. What are the products that you’re currently offering? Are you presently offering any special promotions? Who are the main competitors? What is your value proposition? These are some questions to ask.
  2. Review the ads and websites of competitors: Competitive analysis is actually the cornerstone of strategy for any business. It is even more important in the world of pay-per-advertising. After you’ve typed in some sample keywords, you should review a competitor’s company and its ads as this offers you with ideas on how to create a targeted campaign as well as how they’re performing.
  3. Consider the end conversion goal: Don’t take into account the end conversion goal only to increase the click-through rate of the campaign that offers PPC services. It is only when you think of the end conversion goal that you allow yourself to create targeted campaigns because you tend to focus on the wants and needs of the searcher. Deduce whether the conversion goal is a purchase or a sign-up or a phone call? This part therefore helps with clear call to actions and other action verbs that are worth adding to the adverts.
  4. Plan the marketing funnel: Overall, you need to consider where your client is in the marketing funnel and where the keywords fall. For instance, if you’re promoting t-shirts, it might be a better option to target keywords that have call-to-actions like ‘buy customized t-shirts” or “discounted funky t-shirts”. The aforementioned are direct response keyword phrases whereas “cool t-shirts” would possibly lead to lower click-through rates and also conversions.
  5. Don’t restrain yourself from using tools: There are clever people who use several tools to help them with the idea creation process before and after they’ve consulted with the client. Some such tools include SEMRush, VisualThesaurus, PPC Campaign Builder, Ubersuggest and the classic Google Keyword Planner. These keyword research tools will save your precious time and allow you to create a stellar campaign.

So, if you wish to increase your click-through rate via PPC advertising, take into account a PPC strategy mentioned above. We’re a leading PPC company based in India and we offer high quality services at an affordable and competitive cost. To know more,  contact us here.