January 18, 2021

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4 Effective SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings

SEO Tips
Image Courtesy: Paloma Gómez

Among the two types of website optimization, on-page and off-page, the former is basically the process in which the website’s content is improved as well as the other back-end elements of the site in order to boost its keyword rankings in the search engine result pages. Most effective on-page SEO tips hugely rely on this part of the optimization process of the site, given the fact that 50% of all the SEO factors help in improving search engine rankings come from this side of the campaign.

If you have a webpage that is well-optimized, this will lessen the need of immense link building, as the relevance of the page itself can do almost all the work of your marketing campaign. Pages that contain trustworthy and high quality information will be given higher scores by the search crawlers. This way, even with few external links, on-page SEO can enhance and boost the search engine rank of a page. Here are few effective tips.

  1. Content is the king: A website that has brilliant content can do great even without SEO but a website with bad or poor content can’t survive with or without SEO. Now what is good content? Original content, content that is published on your website first, content that includes text as well, content that is useful and content that is well researched is usually considered as good content. Also when it comes to posting frequency, you should have fresh content on your website and secondly establish a publishing strategy and stick to it.
  2. Anchor text variations for internal links: Internal links are links within a page that connect directly to other pages of the website. You need to stage your site’s internal links strategically as this is important for your link building campaign. Both are considered as votes for your page’s search engine ranking when the targeted keywords are used in the right manner as anchor texts. You should always use variations for your keywords as this naturalizes the information that is being gathered by crawlers. This is one of the most vital among all the on-page SEO tips.
  3. Use synonyms and related terms in the content: This strategy is indeed self-explanatory. Search algorithms are always evolving and growing smarter with days. Although it is true that you can’t outsmart them, you just have to be smart enough to offer valuable content to your target audience. Use this strategy to make your content look natural to both search engines and real users and this is the smartest way to respond to the smart search engines.
  4. External links on the page linked to high authority sites: By linking out to the sites that have high authority rank may increase the trust scores that your site receives from search engines. Linking to a high quality site affects your page’s search engine rankings, as crawlers consider high quality information as a factor of trustworthiness. The more trust, the more they give you high ranking.

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