January 18, 2021

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Steer Clear Of The Blunders That You Should Avoid On Your E-Commerce Site

Mistakes to avoid at the time of E-Commerce Set up
Image Source: Maria Elena

We’ve all visited some or the other e-commerce sites. While you’re all ready to purchase something and you’re sitting with your credit card in hand, but for some unknown reason you never close the deal! May be you gave up or surrendered when you were asked to enter your credit card number for the third time. The reason might be the exorbitant shipping costs or the site may have crashed. If you actually want people to stick on to your site and buy things, you should take note of some of the terrible blunders that you should avoid in your ecommerce setup.

  1. Too slow a site: Did you know the harsh fact that every 2 seconds of load time on your site is equivalent to 8% abandonment rate, according to Gomez? If you drop your loading time from 8 seconds to 2 seconds, your conversion rate will actually increase up to 74%. According to an eminent digital marketing expert, there are lot of reasons why your site may take too much time to load. Most ecommerce sites are loaded with third-party plug-ins for Twitter, Facebook and other networks, which slows down the site. Another cause might be cloud issues and you should avoid such problems.
  2. Not utilizing the social media: According to Ezra Firestone, an ecommerce entrepreneur, it’s vital to master the social media platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Try to attract audience by making your brand easily accessible. Give them the story of the company and some behind-the-scenes photos of your product or service.
  3. Not realizing your actual niche: One of the most terrible sources of failure for the online retailers is their attempt to sell too many different kinds of products to different kinds of customers. You actually require a reason for people to buy only from you by offering them one-of-a-kind product. So, you have to decide your niche before hovering around every product.
  4. Not making your site easy to use: Are you asking your customers to go through more than 5 steps to buy some product? If yes, you’re perhaps asking too much. Welcome contents page, bill-to section, ship-to section, payment module and confirmation or thank you page should be enough.
  5. Not giving users discount on shipping: Charging more than 10% of the total cost of the item for shipping is another blunder. This will depress your sales significantly.

So, if you have your own online business site, follow the above mentioned tips and avoid the blunders to accelerate sales. We’re also a leading digital marketing company and we offer services at affordable cost. To know more, check out our services and contact us here.