January 25, 2021

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Dynamic Structured Snippets Introduced By Google AdWords

The entire team of Google AdWords has some good news for you! Your paid search listings are going to get a slight new feel and look due to the introduction of the dynamic structured snippets. The automated extensions will now display industry-specific information on services and products on the sites of the advertisers. The information that usually appears for your advertisement’s snippets speaks about the categories of the content found on your site. Soon after the launch, they can show for hotel, retail and flight searches. Additional verticals are all set to follow in the latter half of the year 2015.

Google Adwords Introduced Dynamic Structured Snippets

Apart from the Structured Snippets featured last September to organic search, Google will now bring a similar function to search ads where there will be an extra line of text that will be added to highlight the specific details of your services and products. Whether it’s a list of non-stop flights to Las Vegas or a list of shoe brands, this automatic extension will offer your customers an enhanced and clearer sense of what to expect from your website before they click on the ad and it will be a major addition to your PPC services.

According to Google, this extension is something that will be shown automatically on all those eligible ads whenever the landing page has a matched category for the search result. The snippets can easily display all the relevant additional details about the content that has been found on the landing page of the ad, like the sub categories or specific brands. They can display with other extensions but if Google finds out that other extensions perform better than the newly introduced Structured Snippets, those will most probably appear with our ad instead.

If all this discussed above is something that you would rather not have on your ads, you may also have the option of opting out by filling out a form. But you should keep in mind that all these will be a factor in increasing your Ad Rank. At the same time, Google also reminds people that it is through such automatic extensions that you can boost the performance of an ad.

So, if you’ve applied dynamic structured snippets, you won’t require doing anything. AdWords will display this snippet automatically using information from your site. So, you just have to exercise control over what gets shown.

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