January 26, 2021

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Commission Based Hotel Ads Program Being Expanded By Google

Earlier in the first week of October, 2015, Google introduced the expansion and extension of the advertising product based on commission for all independent hotels. Earlier this year, Google Hotel Ads Commission Program launched with a small set of hotels. Initially the program was designed for the independent and small hotels where Google charged them on a commission based on the standards of the industry rather than by cost-per-click for giving advertisements on Google ads. This specific program is now being expanded for some more hotels. The partners of Google with hotel technology solution providers like Fastbooking, DerbySoft, Sabre Hospitality solutions, TravelClick, Seekda, Trust International and many more other providers.

google expands commision based hotel ads

Enhancing the opportunity of the hotels to generate more qualified leads from Google

Over the past few years Google has made different improvements to hotel search in order to help travelers reach out to their desired information more quickly and to allow the hotels to generate more leads that qualify and bring them business. As a continuation of Google’s previous efforts, they have announced some more changes to Hotel ads on Google. They have provided a broader availability for the Hotel Ads Commission program and there’s also an expansion of the Book on Google feature to some more hotel partners. With such changes, people are accessing information on your hotels in the best possible way.

Seekda is one of the participating members of hotel technology solution provider and it helps us offer a risk-free way of reaching out to the mass audience in an effective manner. The Hotel Ads of Google allow the hotels to be there when a person is ready to book and they have to pay only when the booking is done and is complete. This new model of commission gives the independent hotels a greater option of participating in the Google ads without having to manage budgets and bid. So, far, this program has been proved to be successful and will also remain so.

The hotel booking ads, Book on Google was launched 2 years back on mobile but the good news is that Google is now bringing it on tablets and desktops. Google enables booking payments with such ads and soon the information on the customers is passed on to the hotels.

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