January 25, 2021

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The Changing Face Of Digital Marketing – 4 Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

Digital Marketing Trends 2015
Image Courtesy: Automotive Social (Flickr)

As 2015 is just around the corner, you must be making an initial plan that outlines how you’ll spend your advertising and marketing dollars next year. Are you thinking of copying your digital marketing strategy and budget over and performing the same things that you did in 2014? If answered yes, think again! The fundamentals of marketing are indeed going to be the same but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology that which matters the most is how one activates the fundamentals. Lest you’re devoured by your competitors, smart marketers get ahead of the trends and predict the next big things. Let’s have a look at the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2015.

  1. Content will be more important than ever before: Digital marketing in 2015 will definitely focus on caring clients with the available resources the brand could offer in its website. Content will make it easy for both the existing and the new customers to locate and use the best products and services that they intend to look for. The constant emphasis on helpful content with paid visibility will continue to grow. Content will always be a priority but obtaining visibility will not be free. Site owners may require paying for visibility for their web presence.
  1. Marketing channels will be more connected: Search optimization, content creation and social media will be less considered as specific departments and treated more like skills that exist within the organization. Optimization will move beyond individual tactics and focus more on overall customer experience through channels. Marketing is everybody’s job and more and more organizations will utilize their internal resources through collaboration platforms and social business. In short, 2015 will be the year when companies offering digital marketing services will pay attention to multi-channel attribution modelling.
  1. Mobile marketing will take over: Mobile analytics will become a much bigger factor in 2015. No one is still being able to tackle this great job in the right manner as the world is transitioning into a more mobile world. Already mobile has had rippling effects on the digital marketing industry. Experts believe they’re going to see this accelerate in 2015 and beyond. Cross-device attribution will become more vital in 2015 as mobile traffic will continue to grow dramatically.
  1. Marketing campaigns will be data-driven: Data will get better but in 2015, we may see proximity messaging take off. With the large number of mobile payment options that track your purchases, location and every other information about you, analysts expect to see targeted messaging based on who, what and where you are. 2015 will be a year when 2B marketers will wake up to hyper-targeting and data-driven marketing.

Hence, if you’re a digital marketer who is planning your approach for 2015, take into account the digital marketing trends mentioned above. We are a leading digital marketing company based in India and we offer the best quality services at the most affordable cost. To know more and to check out our services, you may contact us here.