January 18, 2021

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The Brand New Trend Of Black Hat Social Media – A Word Of Caution

black hat socail mediaDo you know what happens when fake friends interact with each other in the social networking websites about your product? Is anyone bothered about it? Well, Google is certainly bothered and the reason they care is the way in which the social media and the SEO rankings are intertwined. Anyone who practices search engine optimization should adopt the best practices and this should be the foundation of any company’s online marketing strategy.

However, social media is not and can never be a stand alone strategy and hence is constitutes the most essential part of that SEO strategy. It is through social media that you can help boost the search engine ranking of your website when there is tons of buzz being created in social feeds about your company. But sadly, just like SEO, there’s also a dark side to social media. While the old trend was to deceive Google by using black hat SEO techniques, the new trend is to dupe Google and its users leveraging the social media as the newest Black Hat!

Are all social signals authentic or organic?

The answer is No. Not all social signals are organic or authentic. Are you someone who is using the social media to boost your brand awareness and SEO? If answered yes, make sure you don’t get caught in trying to fake your way to a particular product or audience as this will finally lead you straight into the SEO jail. Nevertheless, Google has already did a great job by recognizing all high quality websites and fighting off the black hat SEO marketers, now they’ve turned their attention to measuring the quality and authenticity of friends, their likes and views.

How does black hat social media affect SEO?

Google is evolving everyday and every alternate day they keep tweaking their algorithms so that they can filter out the spammers. They roll out major updates that cause huge differences in search engine rankings for nearly every company or individual. Google launched the Penguin and the Panda update consecutively to rule out bad quality backlinks and poor quality and irrelevant content. The next Google update will certainly steer clear of the spammers but it will also penalize the companies that tried to employ black hat social media strategies.

Google has already done such a penalization action with Expedia in the earlier half of 2014 who lost around 25% of their online visibility. All companies using the social media in order to make fake representations will risk losing all their social media efforts and their wasted money in creating fake accounts. When they get detected, they will lose their followers, their interactions and their fans as well.

One thing we know about Google is that it is obsessed with transparency. They usually don’t remove any negative review unless and until there is a major breach of guidelines. In fact, Jim Prosser of Twitter had reportedly said that there is practically no advantage of using black hat social media techniques. In the end, all their accounts will be suspended and they’ll lose all their followers. Hence, it is better to abide by the tough guidelines of Google to ensure best long term results.