January 18, 2021

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Manage Your Accounts with Automated Rules Launched by Bing AdCentre

The good news round the corner is Bing Ads have launched a new set of automated rules that will help managers and professionals handle their accounts smoothly. This new feature has been launched after a series of careful research. This research was mainly conducted to figure out the current demands of the target market. Their demand that was doing the rounds for quite some time was a set of automated rules that would minimise their hassles of managing accounts.

Bing ads - Automated Rules

Let us take a closer look at the functionalities of this new feature

  • The new Automate button allows users to select the level where you wish to assign a particular rule.
  • This is the latest feature for your web interface which has the ability to schedule several routine tasks. That’s not all, with the help of these automated rules the performance of this new feature can also be measured from time to time.
  • These automated rules are applicable to initiate campaigns, ads, keywords as well as ad groups. It is just one software and users are able to simplify processes of managing several accounts.
  • At the very first release, this software has come up with a set of 13 different rules. With these rules comes the ability to pause as well as enable the processes at the convenience of users. Along with all this, you can also change budgets post initiating the process and make new bids at the middle. You also have the scope to raise the estimate of keywords for first page visibility or higher rankings.
  • While initiating a particular rule, you have the scope to either enable it in some of the entities or in all of the entities. The increased amount of flexibility in using this feature is what attracts users towards it.
  • The interface is extremely simple and easy to use. They have prompt language allowing users to easily handle its operations without much assistance.
  • This feature is flooded with several options so it is best to map out the entire scenario so that you know which options you would need before you begin to set things up.
  • The best and the most effective ways of working with the help of this feature would be setting up rules that you need so that you can stay prepared when the process begins.

Hopefully these functionalities of this new feature launched by Bing will give you the much needed comfort while managing accounts that you had been wanting for quite some time.