January 25, 2021

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Promoting Your Apps For Free – A Look Into Some App Store Promotion Techniques

So, are you done with developing your dream apps and uploading it to the market? If answered yes, you must be waiting for a huge number of downloads that can immediately propel your product to become a star. But what you see is that in spite of announcing it on your Facebook wall and earning some positive reviews, it is becoming tough to get more than 50 downloads per day. What else can you do in order to promote your app for free? Are there any particular strategies? App store promotion is indeed an art and one who is not able to do so will never gain the required number of downloads.

app store optimization techniques

Here are some of the most important ways of promoting your apps for free.

  1. Try to be unique, noteworthy and extraordinary: This might seem to be an obvious tip but there are many developers, who easily fall into a group where they start thinking of the same products, that which are already there. Remember that those are not going to be the apps that will be featured. A unique app is more memorable and will also leave back a stronger impression. Hence, an app with a unique design has a better chance of being downloaded than one that hasn’t.
  2. Narrate a story: When it comes to the app store promotion techniques, you should be aware of the fact that people always love to hear a good story and so if your app has a good story, it can definitely become successful. What is the background story of the app that you have designed? What purpose does it serve for the users? Why will the user download it? What is the USPs of such products?
  3. Know the timing and momentum: When an app is launched, it becomes an event that gets maximum exposure. You should remember that it is vital for you to attract a particular mass of people and hence this can be done by synchronizing everything together, blog posts, PR and banners. Exposure in different outlets simultaneously can have amplifying effects.
  4. Website or blog: When you launch an app you also have to build a home for the app so that you have enough space to describe why people should use this app and what its limitations are.

Hence, for app store promotion, you can consider the above mentioned ideas and techniques. Let people know about your apps so that you can see increased downloads.

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