January 18, 2021

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Quality Score Affects Your Cost Per Click In AdWords – How It Can Save Your Money

Google recently announced a small change in the way in which it reports keyword Quality Score in AdWords which has been brought into effect. According to it, all newly added keywords would receive a Quality Score of 6 and the quality score of any new keyword would be based on three different factors.

Google-Adwords Tips


  1. The previous CTR or click-through rate performance of the keyword throughout the AdWords system
  2. The historical achievement of the visible URL and
  3. The account-level Quality Score

By utilizing these factors or Google AdWords tips, the system could anticipate the Quality Score of a keyword for which it didn’t have enough performance data. With this more specific data, it uses to predict the likely CTR for a keyword.

How often is the Quality Score updated?

You should keep in mind that while Quality Score is computed in real time, the number that is shown in the AdWords interface is updated approximately every day. On the other hand, the QS numbers aren’t updated for all keywords at once but it’s a rolling update. So, this means that one keyword in a particular ad group might be updated while another in the same ad group might not be able to see its QS number for few more hours.

With the Optmyzr Quality Score Tracker tool, we pull out some of the recent QS numbers for keywords once in a day and almost at the same time for each account to make sure that they aren’t missing out any changes. Keywords that obtain thousands of impressions in a same day might find their QS to be updated more frequently in the interface of Adwords.

What is the average quality score in AdWords?

Majority of the advertisers are often wondering about the Quality Score that they should target so that they can make sure that their account is well-managed. In other words, which QS number indicates of an account that is at least average? When an agency does some level of aggregate data that is usually biased by the fact that their accounts are better managed than the average.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about some Google Adwords tips or any other Adwords tricks, you can take into account the above mentioned information. Do everything that is needed to ensure getting best result with your marketing efforts.