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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Commission Based Hotel Ads Program Being Expanded By Google

Earlier in the first week of October, 2015, Google introduced the expansion and extension of the advertising product based on commission for all independent hotels. Earlier this year, Google Hotel Ads Commission Program launched with a small set of hotels. Initially the program was designed for the independent and small hotels where Google charged them on a commission based on the standards of the industry rather than by cost-per-click for giving advertisements on Google ads. This specific program is now being expanded for some more hotels. The partners of Google with hotel technology solution providers like Fastbooking, DerbySoft, Sabre Hospitality solutions, TravelClick, Seekda, Trust International and many more other providers. Read More

Local Search Display Goes Through Another Set Of Changes – What Is Google Planning?

During the initial few days of August, 2015, Google released a new format for local search display which had a major impact on the local business organizations. The update wasn’t a change in the local search ranking factors but it was rather a change in the method of display of information about local businesses on the search engine results page or the SERP. Read More

A Sneak Peek Into The Ranking Factors For Local SEO

The Local search ranking factors report for 2015 is finally out and it is a prerequisite for anyone in the local SEO arena to go through. The survey questioned around 40 leading SEO practitioners about the variables which drive the search engine rankings for local search results. This survey was begun by David Mihm a few years ago and the survey is indeed pretty extensive and all-inclusive and it can’t be easily summarized in a single post. Read More

Google Announces A New Dynamic Version Of Callout Extensions In AdWords

Google had already launched the callout extensions around a year back in order to give site highlighting benefits in Google AdWords text ads. Very recently, they have rolled out the dynamic version of the callout extensions. They are nothing but an automated extension which highlights specific information on business and product in Google search ads. Unlike the ones that were launched a year back, the dynamic ones update appropriately. Read More

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