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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Promoting Your Apps For Free – A Look Into Some App Store Promotion Techniques

So, are you done with developing your dream apps and uploading it to the market? If answered yes, you must be waiting for a huge number of downloads that can immediately propel your product to become a star. But what you see is that in spite of announcing it on your Facebook wall and earning some positive reviews, it is becoming tough to get more than 50 downloads per day. What else can you do in order to promote your app for free? Are there any particular strategies? App store promotion is indeed an art and one who is not able to do so will never gain the required number of downloads. Read More

A Sneak Peak Into The Safest Ways Of Link Building In 2015

Link building is vital but it can get dangerous if you’re not sure of what you’re doing today. Any reliable SEO knows that building links can be possibly dangerous. There are many people who consider link building synonymous with black hat SEO techniques throughout the past few years. Yes, although it is true that in order to achieve short term results, there are too many SEOs who are opting for black hat SEO techniques, yet there are also people who practice white-hat strategies as well. What are the link building techniques that you should adopt in 2015?  Read More

All That You Need To Know About Google’s New Search Analytics Report

The last few months have indeed been a super-busy one for Google. With staggering changes in AdWords, new features to Google+ and the mobilegeddon, Google has been keeping each and every digital marketer busy on their toes with their frequent new updates. One more update from Google this month was to the Google Search Analytics where they removed the old Queries report from Webmaster Tools and introduced the new search analytics report. Read on to know what you should know about the change. Read More

Google Introduces Its New Logo – A Major Restructuring Effort By The Company

Soon after a month of the major restructuring step taken by the company, Google has updated its logo too. Google’s new logo is still a wordmark and they have used the sans-serif font which makes it more playful and modern in its outlook. The colors that are used in the logo are even softer than what they used to be and it bears more resemblance to the new parent company of Google, Alphabet. The wordmark of Alphabet also has a similar undecorative look and after Google’s update the 2 companies have a design that is similar to each other. Read More

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