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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Secrets of Local SEO Marketing – Stop Focusing On Rankings

There are some people in the market who get so much focused on search engine rankings that they tend to forget what great SEO is about, marketing! It is only through applying of strategies like guerrilla marketing that it can be proved that great marketing can make for great local SEO. When it really comes down to it, both local SEO and SEO are just 2 forms of marketing. The main purpose of this article is to address this mindset switch as the ultimate goal is still to obtain local visibility. Here are some local SEO tips to follow. Read More

The Local Pack Of Google Now Has Few Businesses Listed – 7 Comes Down To 3

Very recently Google updated its search engine results that you see in query that has Google web local content to show 3 businesses instead of showing 7. In other words, as described by a local SEO expert, the 7-pack has now become a 3-pack. The local pack is not only showing fewer businesses but it has also been designed in such a way that it fits better with mobile interface. Read More

Bing Ads IOS App Updates Itself And Goes Global – Android App To Follow IOS

In the month of April, 2015, Bing Adcentre introduced an app in the United States of America and this app is now readily available in the App Store throughout the world. This app, as every other app has got several feature updates and their team recently announced that the Android users won’t be left behind and that they will also get their turn soon. But what’s new with the very recent iOS app that has been designed for Bing Ads? Read More

Quality Score Affects Your Cost Per Click In AdWords – How It Can Save Your Money

Google recently announced a small change in the way in which it reports keyword Quality Score in AdWords which has been brought into effect. According to it, all newly added keywords would receive a Quality Score of 6 and the quality score of any new keyword would be based on three different factors. Read More

4 Budget-Friendly Ways Of Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Currently, majority of the consumers are utilizing their mobile devices to reach out to their desired products and services. If you have a website of your own, did you evaluate whether or not your consumers could easily access information through their tablets and smartphones? Is your company website friendly with mobile devices? If you’re well aware of the SEO news in the market, you must have heard about the rising importance of making websites mobile-friendly.  Read More

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