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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Remarketing Tips For Google AdWords Users – Making The Most Out Of Your Efforts

Are you someone who is making the most out of your remarketing efforts? Well, how you choose to set up your remarketing campaign depends entirely on your business goals and the different kinds of customers or target audience you would like to reach out to. Read More

Google Penalizes Websites For Wrong Usage of Structured Data Markup – A Word of Caution

In order to improve indexation and organic search visibility and search engine content discovery, utilizing structured data markup or schema markup is one of the greatest ways. There are some structured data markups which feed into Google’s Knowledge Graph, Read More

Facebook All Set To Threat YouTube Ad Business By Rolling Out Video Ads This July

Amidst a small test group of publishers, as a move to attract more and more content and advertisement revenue, Facebook has currently rolled out video ads. As a perk to get the video creating companies to publish videos directly to Facebook, the company is going to Read More

Worthy Tools That Can Automate Your Content Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, all companies are defined by their unique stories. A person can purchase your product or service but why would they prefer yours to another? Only creating billboard advertisements and radio spots aren’t sufficient to create an impact in today’s competitive market. Read More

Microsoft Signed 10Years Deal For AOL To Use Bing’s Ads & Listings

It was on 29th June, 2015 that Rik van der Kooi, vice president of advertising and consumer monetization, Microsoft and Frank Holland announced new levels of partnership with AOL and AppNexus. With regards to AOL search, Bing is in and Google is out. Read More

Google Adwords Dimension Tab Now Featured With AdGroup & Campaign Detail Report

The Google AdWords Dimensions Tab has the ability to quickly assess settings and analyse performances through various ad groups as well as campaigns. Success of ads can be easily measured with the help of this new Dimension Tab that is featured extensively in Google AdWords. Last month did roll out the campaign details, but now Google has also added the group details to it as well. Read More

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