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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tips To Optimize Your App Store

App marketing is a great way to pump sales and skyrocket your business. But care should be taken that you give attention to all minor details. Post the app is ready for use, it is important that you market it well. Branding your app in the correct way is very crucial because that is the only way the app will reach out to audience. What is the point of creating a great app if people are not aware of it? So much of hard work and effort goes into making the app, then it is equally important that you give it the appropriate branding that it deserves. Read More

Tips for Higher Rankings in App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the perfect way for app developers to optimize their app and make it more accessible to their target audience. Unfortunately, most app developers tend to overlook this approach of promoting their apps to get traction. Traction is mostly detected with the amount of downloads that is being made. Read More

Brainstorming For The Right Keywords Is Important For Your App

App optimization is the perfect way to leverage apps designed by highly efficient app developers. However, having the proper set of keywords is also important. This helps in optimizing  the apps so that it gets maximum exposure among users. Placing keywords and coining them appropriately is the key towards app optimization. Read More

Manage Your Accounts with Automated Rules Launched by Bing AdCentre

The good news round the corner is Bing Ads have launched a new set of automated rules that will help managers and professionals handle their accounts smoothly. This new feature has been launched after a series of careful research. This research was mainly conducted to figure out the current demands of the target market. Their demand that was doing the rounds for quite some time was a set of automated rules that would minimise their hassles of managing accounts. Read More

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