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Monthly Archives: May 2015

5 Vital Tips To Make Your Website Run Faster And Increase The Loading Time

It is true that the search engines are getting faster and smarter with time. The search engine optimizers are implementing more and more factors so that they can easily measure the behaviors of the users. Among all the factors that they are introducing, website loading time is the most vital one. Webmasters always need to get pay attention for getting best results in the near future. The loading time of your web page can also affect your businesses too. Have a look at some page speed optimization tips to make your website load faster so that you can enhance your commercial results as well.

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A Look Into The Process Of Optimizing Your App Store For The Small Businesses

When you create an app for the services of your company, this is indeed an effective way of getting people involved within the mobile space of your company. Nowadays, people are constantly on the move and if you offer any vital data, information, games or personalized profiles, creating an app for your company will certainly allow people to use your services while they’re on the go. Having a website that is optimized for mobile is obviously a great idea but having a mobile app can even make things easier. Read More

Going Viral On YouTube – Some Vital Tips To Grasp This Vital Process

You will find people hiring professionals in order to let their videos go viral on YouTube and paying them handsome amounts of cash as well. But the actual fact is that there is no such proved way of making your videos go viral on YouTube. Nevertheless, if you’ve clicked some interesting thing about yourself and you wish your video goes viral on YouTube, here are worthy YouTube marketing tips that you should consider. Read More

Google Confirms That Mobile Search Exceeds Searches On Desktop In The US

It has been noticed long back that Google searches that are done on smartphones have exceeded the total number of searches that were done on the desktop. Google recently confirmed that this is something inevitable that is going to happen and it has already started happening. At the annual ad conference in Half Moon Bay, California, the vice president of Google AdWords said that there are many more users in Japan and the US, searching on Google through their smartphones than the users who are searching on Google on their desktops. He also informed that there are 8 other countries have also seen this shift to mobile down the horizon and there is an increase in mobile search queries but he also declined to name these countries at the same time. Read More

The New Search Analytics Report In Webmaster Tool Is Officially Launched By Google

According to recent reports, one of the most famous features of the Webmaster Tools, the Search queries report is gradually getting more powerful and useful. After paying heed to some of the most valuable user feedback, Google has announced that it is going to replace the Search queries report with a brand new and improved Search Analytics Report. It was on the 6th of May, 2015 that Google officially launched the new Search Analytics within Webmaster Tool. Read More

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