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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Mobilegeddon – Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Has Been Rolled Out

Google has officially confirmed in their blog post on 21st April, 2015 Google mobile-friendly update has been launched. If you own a website of your own and you think that your website is still not mobile-friendly, it is still not too late to take the preventive measures. You always have the opportunity to go ahead and take the measures in the near future and benefit from this new algorithm. There are webmasters who are worried about the fate of their websites after the rolling out of this update and here are some common questions answered on this update. Read More

SEO Tips That You Should Employ in 2015 For Best Results

With time, search engines continue to evolve and demand search engine marketers to improve their skills and keep up with their skills and efforts. As per recent reports, 80% of the links or URLs that the online users click on are from SEO. Inbound leads or SEO cost 65% less than outbound leads which come in the form of cold calling. Now that you have realised that SEO is the ultimate way to go. Read More

The Trick Behind Using Hashtags – The Purpose Of Using Them in Social Media

Most of us are aware of the hashtags by now but did we ever step back to take into account the basics? Tagging the posts of the social media users with keywords is called hashtags and this makes them easier for the social media networks to organize the keywords and makes it simpler for the users to search. But where do they come from and in what way can you use them in your business? The most vital question is whether or not hashtags are going to stick in the years to come or are they something that one should regret about later? Read More

The Mobile Friendly Algorithm To Roll Out Within A Few Days – A Look Into The Details

Recent reports suggest that on 21st of April, Google is going to release a pretty new significant mobile-friendly algorithm update that has been designed in a manner that will give a boost to all mobile-friendly pages both in Google desktop and mobile search engine result pages. This particular change will probably take about a week to complete and it is being considered as such a huge and noteworthy change that it is being given names as mobilepocalyse, mobilegeddon, mopocalypse and so on. Read More

Vital Changes To Make In Order To Discover More Mobile-Friendly Content

According to Google webmaster blog, when mobile devices are concerned for getting search results, the users need to get the most timely and relevant results. As an increasingly large number of people use mobile devices in order to reach out to the internet, Google algorithm also has to adapt itself with the new features of usage patterns. Previously, there have been many updates to make sure that a site is visible properly in some of the most modern devices but now the trend is towards creating mobile-friendly web pages. Have a look at some important changes that will assist you in creating more mobile-friendly content for your site. Read More

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