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Some Of The Most Efficient Market Research Tools – Recognize Your Audience

You may have known the fact that understanding and recognizing your audience on the social media is one of the keys to success. The more you know and understand your audience, the better will you be able to deliver the right kind of content and the updates that they’re interested in. So, what are some of the best ways of understanding your audience? What are some of the most efficient market research tools? If you’re really interested, here are some that you may take into account.

                   Market Research Tools

  1. Typeform: One of the most favorite market research tools at Buffer is Typeform and this specializes in beautiful and instinctive survey experiences. For instance, the survey-takers can easily navigate through their keyboard and the survey creators can create some awesome visuals and interactive elements. By sharing a survey link on your social media accounts, you can also use surveys for research. This way you will get direct insights into people who interact through the social media.
  2. Surveypal: This is a simple survey option, Surveypal has a clear drag and drop interface and it has been designed to be a great experience for the survey takers whether they’re on desktop or mobile.
  3. Survey Monkey: Survey Monkey is perhaps the most surveyed tool in the market. It has a huge list of features for surveys of all sizes, each and everything from a simple and quick 2-question survey to huge, robust surveys that are sent out to thousands of people. They have their free plan that will offer you 10 questions and 100 responses. For $25 a month, you get the freedom to unlock unlimited responses and questions.
  4. Survata: With Survata, you can create the survey and this market research tool will find the people to take into the survey, based on the demographics chosen by you. This is a good way of getting targeted insights from a chosen group.
  5. Voice Polls: After creating a survey, this tool goes to find the survey takers on your behalf. For only 10 cents per response, you may get feedback from the general people. For 10 more cents, you may opt to receive responses from the chosen people with the complete demographic

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Google Adwords App Launched In Android – What Is It All About?

Google launched an Android app for Google Adwords on the 4th of March, 2015. This app is now live on the Google PlayStore. Record says that this is the first time that Google has launched a native app for the sole purpose of managing and monitoring AdWords campaigns. As soon as you launch this app in your smartphone, you will see a dashboard view that will give you a snapshot of primary metrics: clicks, impressions, click-through rates and also conversions and costs. You will be given the full freedom to dig into metrics by ad group, day of week and device.

                                         Google Adwords Android App

Both large and small business firms are increasingly using smartphones to handle everything from customer support to orders of products to marketing services. With the launch of this app, you can utilize your smartphone to keep your AdWords campaigns running smartly, no matter where your business takes you in the near future.

This particular app has been designed to be used as an aid to the desktop version, which means that you can easily maintain and adjust all your existing campaigns and view statistics. However you can’t set up campaigns from the scratch with this Google Adwords app on Android. With this app, AdWords users can keep an easy eye on their marketing campaigns from wherever they are and they can even act on things which need immediate attention, like settling a budget that’s soon running out.

The list of things that you can do on this Google Adwords app is listed below:

  • View campaign statistics
  • Update budgets and bids
  • Act on suggestions that enhance and improve your campaigns
  • Get a real-time alert and notification
  • Call a Google expert

Download the Google AdWords app for Android

Senior Paid Search Manager from Philly Marketing Labs tells that having the power of quickly review and take action in your AdWords accounts when you have your mobile devices enable you to be more efficient at managing your campaigns. You will always feel nice to know that you’re only few taps away from the information, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. You can visit your Google PlayStore and download this app free of cost.

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Secret To Creating Engaging Content On Social Media

It was in December 2010 that Google confirmed that social signals from Twitter and Facebook are used to determine search engine rankings, and still today Google reinstates the SEO-value of social signals. This clearly implies that there is crucial need for a powerful social media presence for all websites. It is indeed true that strong social signals are important in determining brand power, authority and credibility. In fact, they assist you in achieving all your marketing functions.

Social media services

Pic Courtesy – Randy Barnes (Flickr)

Here are the ways of creating engaging content on social media:

  1. Recognize your audience: When your website is trying to create an impact on the social networking sites through the social media services, you should know that your website’s content should cater to your largest audience segment. If you’re a luxury brand which relies on Instagram for most of its social signals, you will know that 80% of the Instagram population is female while 54% of Facebook population is female. So it is clear that Instagram would be a better option.
  2. Know the exact type of content: The perfect type of content is that which creates the highest engagement for you. By now you must have had an idea about which posts get the most likes, shares and comments. Henceforth, focus on creating such content to get the same appeal. Nowadays, infographics is the most engaging form of content that you will find on the social networking sites.
  3. Offer current information: It is true that being current is one of the easiest ways of engaging your audience. You may try creating content that is based on the recent events, news, innovations in your industry to join the conversation that is already current. You can use the power of hashtags on Twitter and Facebook if you want to be found easily.
  4. Enhance employee participation: Whenever there is employee participation, this will lend a voice to your brand and this is a key to forming a connection with your audience. You may ask people from within the brand to open semi-professional accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Their job would be to hold conversations and engage people. Selling is not their job.
  5. Be regular: The more you are consistent in posting in the social networking sites, the more familiar will be your brand name. They will feel more communicated with you. The trick is to create high quality and valuable posts consistently.

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Dynamic Structured Snippets Introduced By Google AdWords

The entire team of Google AdWords has some good news for you! Your paid search listings are going to get a slight new feel and look due to the introduction of the dynamic structured snippets. The automated extensions will now display industry-specific information on services and products on the sites of the advertisers. The information that usually appears for your advertisement’s snippets speaks about the categories of the content found on your site. Soon after the launch, they can show for hotel, retail and flight searches. Additional verticals are all set to follow in the latter half of the year 2015.

Google Adwords Introduced Dynamic Structured Snippets

Apart from the Structured Snippets featured last September to organic search, Google will now bring a similar function to search ads where there will be an extra line of text that will be added to highlight the specific details of your services and products. Whether it’s a list of non-stop flights to Las Vegas or a list of shoe brands, this automatic extension will offer your customers an enhanced and clearer sense of what to expect from your website before they click on the ad and it will be a major addition to your PPC services.

According to Google, this extension is something that will be shown automatically on all those eligible ads whenever the landing page has a matched category for the search result. The snippets can easily display all the relevant additional details about the content that has been found on the landing page of the ad, like the sub categories or specific brands. They can display with other extensions but if Google finds out that other extensions perform better than the newly introduced Structured Snippets, those will most probably appear with our ad instead.

If all this discussed above is something that you would rather not have on your ads, you may also have the option of opting out by filling out a form. But you should keep in mind that all these will be a factor in increasing your Ad Rank. At the same time, Google also reminds people that it is through such automatic extensions that you can boost the performance of an ad.

So, if you’ve applied dynamic structured snippets, you won’t require doing anything. AdWords will display this snippet automatically using information from your site. So, you just have to exercise control over what gets shown.

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