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Smart And Cost- Effective Ways To Promote Your Small Business

Social Media Marketing for Small BusinessesIrrespective of whether you know marketing or public relations, taking the right strategies to get your business noticed is always tough. Even some of the world’s best PR professionals have had a hard time to market their brand as according to them, it just seems precocious to endorse yourself out there in the market. However, if you don’t market yourself, no one else will do that on your behalf. Here are some cost-effective ways in which you can market your brand in the market, apart from social media marketing and e-mail marketing.

  1. Recognize your audience: This point may seem to be a no-brainer but there are many small business firms that fail to recognize their audience as they simply don’t know whom to talk to. Once you realize ‘who’ you have to reach out to, you will only know ‘how’ you can do that.
  2. Reach out to the local media: Any of your audiences will invariably be the media. However, you can’t pitch each and every media channels in the same way. Television has got some different needs from radio and print and vice versa. Before you pitch, ask yourself whether your product solves the problem of the users, whether it’s a unique service or not.
  3. Social media marketing: There are tons of social media marketing channels but picking all of them will be a blunder. Experts will ask you to choose one or two social media channels that according to you will be beneficial. Make sure that your goal is to engage customers, don’t be afraid to ‘follow’ or ‘friend’ reporters as your ideas should always be to spark stories for them.
  4. Online directory listings: Make sure you claim your business in some of the famous online directories like Google Places, yahoo and Yelp. The Yellow Pages offers both paid and free listings. When you claim your business, you can respond when people have something good or bad to voice. You can even dispute the comment as well.
  5. Get a website of your own: It can be assumed that when you’re reading this article, you already have one but even if you have one, you have to ensure that you’re making the most of it.

So, when it’s the age of social media marketing, use it to the full extent. We’re a digital marketing company Kolkata that offers affordable services. To know more, you can contact us here.

Reasons Why Email Marketing Is A Boon For Your Business

Email Marketing ServicesWhat is email marketing and how does it help your business grow? Using email to get your marketing message in front of your target audience is called email marketing. This is gradually becoming an essential tool for growing your business in the world where internet plays an important role. The most famous form of email marketing is the email newsletter. There is another kind of permission-based email marketing that includes email promotions, solo blasts, daily deal emails, email courses and so on. Have a look at the reasons behind using email marketing services for your business.

  1. It helps you save your dollars: Through email marketing, you can save money and some trees as well. It is possible to avoid printing paper, mail handling, envelopes and postage costs when you go digital. You can even work with a designer to design a custom newsletter template which can be used time and again.
  2. It helps you connect with your target audience: Through email marketing you can stay in touch with your target audience every day, thereby keeping you at the tip of your tongue and at the top of your mind. You can ensure that when your programs and products are required, they will definitely buy from you and will also refer you to their friends and peers.
  3. It boosts the recognition of the brand: When you get the opportunity to include your tagline, logo, color palette and brand graphics within the template design of all your emails, you get the chance to endorse your brand image in front of your audience. When people see the elements of your brand in every mail, this will build recognition and awareness.
  4. Boosts your reliability: Quality email marketing that is relevant and consistent and that is full of value will help you earn the trust of your target marketing, thereby making it easier for you to promote and sell your products.
  5. Educates your present clients: Your email newsletter is one of the best places to keep your clients updated with what is new to the business. You can share what you’re working on and what’s going on. You may even keep them informed about the services, products and programs that are available for them. They may get enticed to purchase from you again. Such is the benefit of email marketing services.

We are a digital marketing Kolkata company and we offer high quality email marketing services at a reasonable cost. For more information you may contact us here.


Instances When You Shouldn’t Blame Yourself For Using PPC Services

PPC ServicesNowadays there are many marketers who are moving away from using PPC advertising in exchange to more cost-effective methods of generating leads like social media marketing, blogging and creating excellent content that drives reconversions and new leads. Here are some of those situations when you won’t feel guilty about using the PPC services.

  1. Bid on the name of your own brand: Have you ever tried to search the name of your company in Google and seen another company come up in the ads? That’s not good. When your competitors are doing this kind of thing with you, you can set aside a small amount of budget for a PPC campaign around your own name. This is pretty cheap and will be less competitive than other keywords.
  2. Driving immediate results: PPC can be an extremely helpful option when you have very little time but some serious numbers to hit. If you need fast results, PPC can be adopted. You may get an Adwords campaign running within an hour.
  3. Locating a niche audience: The main problem with the target audience is in finding them. Through PPC campaigns you can find the audience easily by bidding on some of the relevant keywords for your target-specific market.
  4. Enhancing your content and keyword strategy: Run a campaign in Adwords to know which keywords have the highest CTR or click through rate. They are the ads that are mostly popular with the audience and so it’s time to analyze and track the keywords that generates leads or the customers
  5. Enhancing your local search results: Through Adwords, you can enable local businesses to advertise any specific location. By bidding on keywords that are related to location, you can easily drive traffic. You may even choose to exclude a particular location, making PPC ads a perfect option for local businesses.
  6. Utilizing social networks’ ad platforms: Many big social networks have their own ad platforms that are also running a Google Adwords campaign. The main trick to utilize them is by picking the right networks for the right campaigns and to target the new audience.

So, we see that the above mentioned instances are those when you won’t feel guilty of using PPC services. We’re also a leading digital marketing agency based in Kolkata and we offer best quality PPC services at a pretty affordable cost. To know more, you may contact us.

Why Do You Need SEO Services For Your Business Website?

SEO ServicesYou must have a million times that you need search engine optimization and you probably even get phone calls every single week from companies that sell SEO services. There might be a good chance that no one among them told you why you require SEO services for your business and why you need to invest your dollars in this. Well, if you own an online website for your business and you’re in search for ways to enhance your presence in the search engines, you’ll definitely want to consider using some of the most effective SEO strategies. Did you know that 75% of the online users don’t scroll beyond page one of Google? With that in mind, don’t you think that it will be necessary to employ the right strategies so that you can rank within the first page of Google search engine results? As statistics like these are not a myth, you need to take immediate action. Here are some reasons to leverage SEO for your website.

  1. SEO delivers high ROI: It is true that there is no other form of online marketing that has the capacity to deliver a return which is quite like SEO. There are many people who employ SEO but they don’t get the desired results as because they sign up with an inexperienced company that has no such idea on SEO.
  2. SEO will never go away: SEO is something that will always continue to evolve and all those companies that comprehend the concept of SEO will keep adapting to it. Over the last few years, mass link building has been penalized and now the entire focus is on creating good content and earning high quality links. So, SEO will always be around the internet.
  3. Your competitors are employing SEO: Why won’t you adapt to something that your competitors are doing? There are many businesses that assume that SEO needs to be done until you reach the top but this is a wrong notion. Actually, SEO needs to be done in order to reach the top rankings. So, your competitors must be utilizing some of the most modern and relevant SEO strategies. Then why would you lag behind?
  4. All your customers are mobile: Mobile traffic is currently outpacing desktop traffic at a rapid rate and it is only through SEO services that you will be able to grasp all your mobile customers.

We are a leading digital marketing company, Kolkata and we offer you the best quality search engine optimization services at an affordable rate. To know more, check out our services and contact us.


Steps To Improve Search Rankings for Local Businesses

Google Places OptimizationWhether or not you would like to attract more and more customers for your brick and mortar business is completely a rhetorical question as it’s inevitable for you to gain more customers in order to stay afloat in today’s competition. Running a business of your own is not an easy task. While you may already boast of a steady flow of existing customers who have been loyal to your brand, you should always ensure that you have a new set of customers coming in. For this, your SEO and your website needs a serious update. You might have thought that updating your SEO and website can turn out to be too expensive, but once you do so, you can witness some drastic changes in the results. Let’s have a look at the steps that all local businesses should take to improve search engine rankings.

  1. Make a comprehensive research of your keywords: The very first and the most important step is to make a comprehensive research of the accurate keywords that the customers use to locate you. For example, if you offer a diploma course in dance in Buffalo, then choose the right keywords that include the course that you offer and the place. As per the current competition, ranking for your most vital phrase may be tough but it is usually easier to rank for more long term phrases.
  2. Content and website optimization: The next step is to offer a considerable amount of high quality content as it’s critical for both search engines and visitors. Forget the age-old advice of stuffing your content with more keywords as this is no longer effective for search engines. Tools like Scribe content optimization will help you ensure whether your optimization efforts will meet best practices. Be sure to include the name of your business, the address, your primary telephone number and a geo sitemap.
  3. Google Places is necessary: According to the demands of today’s SEO, Google Places optimization is a very important point to consider. Through Google Places, you can be found more easily by your customers and this will also assure you that your customers have the right information about your local business. There are lots of Google Places optimization tools through which you can register your business in Google.

We are a digital marketing company based in India and we offer you high quality Google Places Optimization services. If you wish to register your company in Google Places, you can check out our affordable services.


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