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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Vital Tips To Generate Traffic By Employing The Best Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategyEver since the traditional forms of advertising have started taking a backseat, businesses, whether small or large are embracing digital marketing strategies to enhance and spread their brand awareness, increase revenue and create a solid impact. While more than 92% of B2B and 85% of B2C marketers are utilizing content marketing strategy as the most vital part of their digital marketing services to garner organic visibility. As per statistics, website conversion rate is 6 times higher for those who’ve adopted the right content marketing strategies than those who haven’t. So, if you still haven’t embraced content marketing, here are some expert tips for you.

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Steer Clear Of The Blunders That You Should Avoid On Your E-Commerce Site

Mistakes to avoid at the time of E-Commerce Set up

Image Source: Maria Elena

We’ve all visited some or the other e-commerce sites. While you’re all ready to purchase something and you’re sitting with your credit card in hand, but for some unknown reason you never close the deal! May be you gave up or surrendered when you were asked to enter your credit card number for the third time. The reason might be the exorbitant shipping costs or the site may have crashed. If you actually want people to stick on to your site and buy things, you should take note of some of the terrible blunders that you should avoid in your ecommerce setup. Read More

An Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For A Beginner

Social media marketing guide for beginners

Image Credit : Automotive Social

Off late, social media has become a part and parcel of our personal as well as commercial lives. Something that was nothing but a cutting edge just a few years back has now become the general norm. So, how do you know about the aspects of social media marketing that are necessary for your business and which aspects can well be ignored? For all the novice entrepreneurs who are jumpstarting into the industry, embracing the social media for improving your marketing efforts can feel like a stretch. Do you require being on all the channels? Which of them are the best? How will you manage so many conversations? Read More

Yet Another Google Pigeon Update Rolls Out In Australia, Canada And The UK

Google Pigeon Update
Image Credit: Jean-Daniel Echenard

According to recent reports, the new local ranking algorithm rolled out by Google in the US earlier in 2014 has now been introduced in the UK, Canada and Australia. The new local Pigeon update was rolled out in the US on 24th of July, 2014 and has recently been expanded over last week to the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Initially there were rumors of this change but then a spokesperson of Google confirmed the news of the change being introduced in the three aforementioned countries. Read More

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