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List Of Free Online Digital Marketing Tools

Free online digital marketing toolsDon’t you think that shortcuts are the best things in life? Although everyone around you may just take the long way, you can breeze past them through your shortcuts, might be skipping a few steps here and there and yet feeling pretty smart about doing it the right way! It feels particularly great to find out a good marketing shortcut, considering all that the marketers need to do in a day. That’s why, here is a list of digital marketing tools that are some quick hits with which you can soon get started. You just need to focus on everything from research and writing to analyzing and bench marking.

Check out the list of marketing tools online

  1. Google Scholar: Although there are very few people who talk about Google Scholar, but some selected marketers typically love this tool for researching science, heavy articles and digging into some of the latest emerging studies. Google Scholar limits your search to theses, articles, abstracts, court opinions, professional articles and opinions from universities and other websites.
  2. Open site explorer: This is usually described as a search engine for links; Open site explorer will allow you to see a list of the sites which are linking to you or a different site. Links are indeed great for SEO and this is also great for building a better relationship with sites or even for keeping an eye on competing sites.
  3. Google Trends: With Google Trends, you can see what the entire world is searching and how interest in different concepts is changing over time. For instance, if you suddenly hear the terms “growth hacker” and “growth hacking”, you can simply input the terms into Google Trends and check out the sudden new interest in the concept.
  4. Blog Topic Generator: Are you facing a scarcity of ideas? If answered yes, you can give Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator a few nouns that can well describe the content areas and it will soon give you a week’s worth of post ideas. For example, if you put in the words, content marketing, social media and aardvarks, it will give you a number of suggestions.
  5. Content idea generator: You can enter a keyword for fun and get a number of ideas regarding the content. If you have some ideas in mind but you’re not sure about the content to include in your blog, you can use this tool called Content Idea generator as this will give you nice ideas.
  6. Readability: Among the other digital marketing tools, this one is one of the most effective. Drag the readability bookmarklet to your toolbar to convert any content into simple, easy-to-read format. Readability is indeed a vital factor for clients and hence this can be easily maintained through this marketing tool.
  7. Hemingway: We all strive for simple and clear writing and for this you can get help of Hemingway. Paste a passage into the app and you can soon get an analysis of the unnecessary adverbs and dense passages.

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Simple Yet Effective Steps To Email Marketing – Secret To Surefire Success

Email Marketing TipsAre you someone who is creating a strong and expanding contact database? If answered yes, how about staying in touch with all the contacts that you currently have? If you’re not pretty sure with where your business stands with respect to the two aforementioned questions, then you might need some good amount of help with email marketing. The concerns of this article will deal with the best email marketing campaign to grow your database and nurture your current contacts for increased revenue generation.

Email marketing – What is it?

As usual, this post won’t be complete unless we define the main term on which the entire post is related. Well, email marketing is all about utilizing the speed and convenience of email to communicate some important messages, tips, updates, promotions to all your recipients who have opted into receiving such messages. But unfortunately, lot of spammers have already abused the benefits of email marketing due to which people are tough to reach, let along provoke an action. Let’s take a look at some email marketing tips that your business can put together in order to achieve success.

  1. Choose an email marketing provider: Do your homework, talk and try with different providers and select the one with whom you click the best. You might not have the time and money to spend on this. So, in order to make things easier for you, we’d like to recommend some of the following providers to support your needs of email marketing. AWeber, MailChimp and ConstantContact are some of the best and the most effective email marketing providers.
  2. Clean your cluttered database: If you have already had a website, then you probably have a decently sized database of contacts that you’ve acquired from your website or sales efforts. Don’t ever make the blunder of writing off these contacts. Instead, spend some valuable time to clean up the cluttered database by removing expired information and improving the already existing information. Jigsaw, D&B and StrikeIron are some of the greatest tools to update your contacts and verify email addresses.
  3. Organize your contacts: One of the most commonly overlooked features of email marketing is list segmentation. In case you fail to properly segment your email contacts into the specific lists, most certainly this will result in lower click-through rates and response rates when you send the messages to the recipients. Location, industry, lead source are some common fields to segment your lists by.
  4. Analyze the purpose of your campaign: Don’t make the mistake of being like other companies that just send out emails with a hotchpotch of company news, tips, updates and promotions in one message that is not even organized in the right manner. Spend a little time with your marketing team to point out the purpose of each message so that you may craft the design and create a proper mail.

The above mentioned email marketing tips will help you increase your click-through rates and conversions. We’re also a leading company based in India that offers affordable email marketing services for their clients. To know more, you may check out our service page or click here.

4 Effective SEO Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings

SEO Tips

Image Courtesy: Paloma Gómez

Among the two types of website optimization, on-page and off-page, the former is basically the process in which the website’s content is improved as well as the other back-end elements of the site in order to boost its keyword rankings in the search engine result pages. Most effective on-page SEO tips hugely rely on this part of the optimization process of the site, given the fact that 50% of all the SEO factors help in improving search engine rankings come from this side of the campaign. Read More

Tips To Increase Revenue By Utilizing Psychological Conversion Triggers

Website ConversionSomeone has truly said that conversions are all about psychology! There are innumerable emotions that pull at us until we make the decision of buying some product or service. While some may be impacted by the price, some others may be affected by the value or quality. Some, on the other hand, are the pressuring and re-affirming psychological factors that make the difference between a bounce and a sale. Unfortunately, most website owners overlook these points and this is the reason behind these sites either failing badly or never reaching the top of their potential. Read More

Optimize Your CTA Buttons For Enhanced Conversions – Tips From The Experts

Optimize CTA for Better Conversion

Image Courtesy: IvanWalsh dot com

In all the e-commerce websites, your CTA buttons are some of the most vital little things. In fact, the importance and vitality of CTA buttons is a theme that can’t be overemphasized. If you had to pack all your power and conversion wisdom into a tiny space, that would be called your call-to-action button. It’s amazing to see how a single button can make or break an online e-commerce business. People who own websites spend a lot of time and money in ensuring that their call-to-action buttons are optimized in the best possible way. If you’re an entrepreneur for a long time, you will know how important conversions are and how the call-to-action plays a role in shaping your success. In the following paragraphs you will find some tips for conversion optimization by creating call-to-action buttons that work.

  1. Use a color that stands out among all others: Firstly, your call-to-action button should be of a particular color, but preferably not white, gray or black. Beyond that, it should have a color that stands out among all other colors. The number of color combinations, shadows, gradients, fonts, borders and other options are infinite. However, you just have to make sure that it needs to be of a color that stands out from the background, that doesn’t clash with the background color of the website and that grabs the eyeballs of the visitors.
  2. Keep it plain: There are companies offering digital marketing services that do some real dumb things with the CTA buttons. Since they know that the button needs to stand out, they put images, arrows, CSS effects and what not! This could indeed be a big blunder. In fact, according to many tests, it has been proved that the best-performing buttons are those that have a simple statement and very few design frills. Simple in-your-face messages without images perform better than eye-catching graphics. Simplicity, however, doesn’t mean boring. You can try out things but don’t go crazy!
  3. Give it a sensible size: The thumb rule is that you should give it a size that makes sense. Bigger is not always better. The entire point of a CTA button is to make people click on it and hence you should make it easy for them to do so. If you make it too big, it looks unnatural or odd and this may cause people not to click on it. Remember that the button needs to be big enough to be clicked comfortably but not too big that it looks weird.
  4. Make it look clickable: When the user is about to click on something, they should know that it is clickable. Things that usually look like buttons are rectangle shaped, have clear boundaries and borders, have white space surrounding them, and they use a contrasting color. So, make sure your CTA button looks like a button in order to get more clicks.

Hence, for conversion optimization, follow the above mentioned tips while creating your CTA button. We, AdarshWebSolutions are a leading digital marketing company based in India and we offer quality services to our clients. Click here to know more about our services.

Expert Strategies To Increase Click Through Rate through PPC Advertising

Effective PPC StrategiesThere is a wide array of options when it comes to increasing the click-through rates of the campaigns of businesses and advertisers through Paid Search. Among the plethora of PPC strategy options available in the market, below listed are the main ones that will have the best impact on your advertising campaign. The list mentioned below keeps conversions in mind as companies are usually focused on ROI and brand awareness.

  1. Consult the client or your company: By far, this is the best means of increasing the click-through rate of a campaign. You have to try to ask in-depth queries to comprehend the ways of the industry, the market, the target audience, the business and the competitors. This insight allows you to think methodically about what is likely to be effective and which keywords you wish to stray away from. What are the products that you’re currently offering? Are you presently offering any special promotions? Who are the main competitors? What is your value proposition? These are some questions to ask.
  2. Review the ads and websites of competitors: Competitive analysis is actually the cornerstone of strategy for any business. It is even more important in the world of pay-per-advertising. After you’ve typed in some sample keywords, you should review a competitor’s company and its ads as this offers you with ideas on how to create a targeted campaign as well as how they’re performing.
  3. Consider the end conversion goal: Don’t take into account the end conversion goal only to increase the click-through rate of the campaign that offers PPC services. It is only when you think of the end conversion goal that you allow yourself to create targeted campaigns because you tend to focus on the wants and needs of the searcher. Deduce whether the conversion goal is a purchase or a sign-up or a phone call? This part therefore helps with clear call to actions and other action verbs that are worth adding to the adverts.
  4. Plan the marketing funnel: Overall, you need to consider where your client is in the marketing funnel and where the keywords fall. For instance, if you’re promoting t-shirts, it might be a better option to target keywords that have call-to-actions like ‘buy customized t-shirts” or “discounted funky t-shirts”. The aforementioned are direct response keyword phrases whereas “cool t-shirts” would possibly lead to lower click-through rates and also conversions.
  5. Don’t restrain yourself from using tools: There are clever people who use several tools to help them with the idea creation process before and after they’ve consulted with the client. Some such tools include SEMRush, VisualThesaurus, PPC Campaign Builder, Ubersuggest and the classic Google Keyword Planner. These keyword research tools will save your precious time and allow you to create a stellar campaign.

So, if you wish to increase your click-through rate via PPC advertising, take into account a PPC strategy mentioned above. We’re a leading PPC company based in India and we offer high quality services at an affordable and competitive cost. To know more,  contact us here.

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools For Content Marketing

Keyword Research

Image Courtesy: SEO (Flickr)

It has been universally acknowledged by the digital marketers that keyword research can be a real pain. Settling down with the right tool for making the process less time-taking and more efficient is indeed a tough task to execute. Below is a list of free keyword research tools for performing your daily work in content marketing. Check them out.

Keyword Eye: This is a free plan that comprises of 10 keyword searches per day and offers up to 100 keyword suggestions per report and also 25 Google country keyword databases. Different colors symbolize high, medium and low PPC competition and mouse-over shows search volumes for each keyword.

  1. Wordpot: Wordpot needs registration but the trouble is worth it! Based on your query, this tool creates a list of keywords including search volume metrics. Post free-registration, keywords can be added to project and projects can be edited individually.
  2. SEO Book: A free registration is necessary for this tool. SEO Book offers suggestions on daily search volumes by market for Bing Yahoo and Google! You can directly export the list of keywords to CSV. All relevant keyword metrics like daily search volume, price estimates for CPC are displayed free of cost.
  3. Ubersuggest: You simply choose a keyword, a language and a source, then click on “Suggest” and there you go! This tool can be used free of cost without any registration. All keywords are displayed in alphabetical order and results can be filtered for numbers or letters.
  4. Google: Google Suggest is the most popular way of getting inspiration on long-tail keywords. This term is the drop down menu that appears when you type single letters in the search bar and hence it provides important insights on potential keywords. Google Trends on the other hand visualizes the interest development for specific keywords over time and helps in differentiating between buzzwords, trending topics and other issues. Google Adwords offers detailed insight into search volumes.
  5. Brainstorming: Here you use your head and heads of others working in your seo company. You do the research work as a team, thus taking a broader view on each topic. Here you’re forced to put yourself into the shoes of the readers but the only con is that it’s a time-taking process.
  6. Semager: This tool finds semantically related keywords and lists them according to a computed percentage of correspondence. The dynamic graph is a great feature which can be customized as well.
  7. Surveys: Here you directly ask your target group about what they want and how they’re searching for it. With this, you stay engaged with the target audience and get first-hand information.
  8. Keyword Discovery: This is a basic tool offering list of keywords for a chosen term and last year’s search volume is also displayed with the results.
  9. Wordstream: This tool offers 30 free searches to non-paying users. You enter a word in the search bar and get further ideas related to that term. The keyword list can be downloaded in CSV format.

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The Changing Face Of Digital Marketing – 4 Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Image Courtesy: Automotive Social (Flickr)

As 2015 is just around the corner, you must be making an initial plan that outlines how you’ll spend your advertising and marketing dollars next year. Are you thinking of copying your digital marketing strategy and budget over and performing the same things that you did in 2014? If answered yes, think again! The fundamentals of marketing are indeed going to be the same but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology that which matters the most is how one activates the fundamentals. Lest you’re devoured by your competitors, smart marketers get ahead of the trends and predict the next big things. Let’s have a look at the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2015.

  1. Content will be more important than ever before: Digital marketing in 2015 will definitely focus on caring clients with the available resources the brand could offer in its website. Content will make it easy for both the existing and the new customers to locate and use the best products and services that they intend to look for. The constant emphasis on helpful content with paid visibility will continue to grow. Content will always be a priority but obtaining visibility will not be free. Site owners may require paying for visibility for their web presence.
  1. Marketing channels will be more connected: Search optimization, content creation and social media will be less considered as specific departments and treated more like skills that exist within the organization. Optimization will move beyond individual tactics and focus more on overall customer experience through channels. Marketing is everybody’s job and more and more organizations will utilize their internal resources through collaboration platforms and social business. In short, 2015 will be the year when companies offering digital marketing services will pay attention to multi-channel attribution modelling.
  1. Mobile marketing will take over: Mobile analytics will become a much bigger factor in 2015. No one is still being able to tackle this great job in the right manner as the world is transitioning into a more mobile world. Already mobile has had rippling effects on the digital marketing industry. Experts believe they’re going to see this accelerate in 2015 and beyond. Cross-device attribution will become more vital in 2015 as mobile traffic will continue to grow dramatically.
  1. Marketing campaigns will be data-driven: Data will get better but in 2015, we may see proximity messaging take off. With the large number of mobile payment options that track your purchases, location and every other information about you, analysts expect to see targeted messaging based on who, what and where you are. 2015 will be a year when 2B marketers will wake up to hyper-targeting and data-driven marketing.

Hence, if you’re a digital marketer who is planning your approach for 2015, take into account the digital marketing trends mentioned above. We are a leading digital marketing company based in India and we offer the best quality services at the most affordable cost. To know more and to check out our services, you may contact us here.

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